Allow the Removal of the PIP screen on the Cam OG (Both Telephoto and Standard)

The Wyze OG app has a screen for the telephoto option but the telephoto camera is sold separately. It would be great if we could have the option to remove the screen completely, rather than just hiding it to the right of the screen. Every time I re-open the app, that screen is opened again. If the telephoto camera is purchased separately, the telephoto screen should be an add-on option rather than something that is pre-installed and so large and in the middle of the screen.

Just a note, either the OG standard or the OG Telly can be placed in the PIP, doesn’t have to be the telly. Could be another OG Standard.


A further add, you can click in the slider and drag it out of the way down the screen. But once you exit the camera view and return, it defaults back to the top.

Along with the toggle to display it or not, I’d also ask for if you relocate the slider, for it’s new position to persist (like the beta app floating button).

Voted! Thanks for the suggestion!