WYZE CAM Telephoto x 3

I have a Wyze cameras now. :heart_eyes:
I have just received my new OG Telephoto.
I bought it on ebay to get my hands one one quickly.
I have installed it and added it to my plan.
Three questions

  1. When I open my OGT there is a little arrow thing on the right of the picture.
    When I press it it says:-
    “No Wyze CAM OG Found
    Install a Cam OG”. ??
  2. I cannot active the timestamp as this option “show timestamp” is not on the settings?
    There is now “Timestamp Watermark” but this does not activate the times stamp on the screen?
  3. The picture quality is not as good as the other cameras. Very pale/foggy??


This is the PIP window that is a feature only on the OG cams. You can pair your OG Cam with another OG Cam and pull up the second cam in the slide out PIP window. You can then swap the two back and forth like the PIP on your TV instead of going back to the device list or group to view the other cam.

That is the correct setting to activate the timestamp. There may be an issue with your app updating the server settings that instruct the cam. Make sure your app is up to date, try clearing the cache, logging out and then back in, restarting the device, and power cycling the cam.

The contrast and light balance has been noted. They have addresses this in a firmware update. Make sure your firmware is up to date.

My timestamp is working fine now. :smiley:

In ‘filter by’ I set and save, but it does not save it?

The pair option is not responding - I assume that is because of this:-
“No Wyze CAM OG Found
Install a Cam OG”. ??

I seem to have the latest firmware.
What should it be??
I have 1.0.59

The filters for the Recent Events in the bottom of the live view UI won’t save. This is an issue that has been noted previously and reported to Wyze. Hopefully they will fix it soon. The filters in your Events tab will save.

Do you have a second OG Cam installed on your account?

When you press the + it should show the second cam to select at the bottom of the screen.

You do have the latest firmware. Make sure your app is up to date as well.

No, I do not have another OG.
How would I find if my app is up to date?

Without another OG Cam to pair, the PIP Pairing will fail and give you that “No Wyze CAM OG Found
Install a Cam OG” message. You have to have a second OG for that feature to work.

App version is in Account → About

Latest version can be found on the updates page.

2.39.0 (20) ??

Good to go. That is the most up to date app version.

Thank you for all your help!

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You’re welcome.