How does 3x telephoto work?

How does telephoto on the Cam OG Telephoto work? Is it something you select and deselect in the Wyze app?

Is there a way to automatically and continuously turn telephoto on and off at some interval, like 1 minute, and store the results on the SD card?

If there is a web page or article that describes all this, please point me to it, thanks. It’d be really helpful if I could figure this stuff out before blowing more $$ on another cam that might or might not do what I need.

I believe the OG telephoto is a fixed 3x cam, one view which is why may be frequently used with a regular OG cam. Some quick info.


Absolutely correct. When you open the camera to view the stream it is already zoomed in as the view, in comparison to the OG-S. You can then double tap on the feed or two finger pinch to zoom in even closer. Picture quality is great.


Ah, OK. So you can’t switch between 1x and 3x, it’s always 3x. I didn’t realize that. That would work if the barn was the only thing I wanted to monitor, but I also use this to keep an eye on the back yard and back of the house. So I guess full time 3x won’t work.

Thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile:

I think the main idea was to use the OGs as a pair. The OG-S (1x) as your overall view, with the OG-T (3x) as a zoom for some portion of that view, or something else nearby.

You can get a dual mounting kit and splitter cable to accommodate this sort of pairing.


I’m annoyed, they didn’t explain that at all when they sell you these cams.