Wyze Cam Pro and OG telephoto are GARBAGE!

I am one of the Og’s with over a dozen camera investments in V1 thru V3.

Both cameras I received today are GARBAGE!

The Pro has very crappy 2k resolution (very fuzzy peripheral and much worse then the V3). I’ll be reinstalling the V3.

The OG telephoto has an extremely narrow field of view when zoomed all the way out, which defeats the overall view I once had of my front yard. I’ll be reinstalling the V3.

I basically gambled and threw away $100. Prices up and the quality has gone south. Company should have just focused on seriously improving camera’s instead spreading thin with all crap they now inventory.

It’s a telephoto lens. It’s supposed to have a narrow field of view. You want a similar FoV to a V3, get the non-Tele version of the OG.


Wyze has a generous return policy if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

The OG is the least costly cam they offer. It is sold as an introductory level cam. Telephoto is right in the name. It is a fixed 3x lens which is identified on the product information page. It is specifically designed to physically zoom in 3x what the OG Standard does which is a comparable FOV to the V3.