Wyze OG has worse video quality than V3

I have been using V3 for three years and just got OG yesterday. I installed both of them on the driveway. I found the OG has worse video quality than V3. I have noticed that the images captured by the OG camera are consistently blurry and unclear. This is extremely concerning as the primary purpose of the camera is to provide a clear view of any potential security threats.

I am extremely dissatisfied with this product and feel that it does not meet the expectations.

I found my OG far better than my V2 in terms of video quality. That was my barometer if you will and that was enough for me. Don’t think OG was promoted as a “better than V3” camera to begin with.

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I have similar issues with the OG standard being washed out and blurry. My OG telephoto is perfect. I opened a ticket with Wyze. Their response last week is below. We’ll see what happens.

“We’ve reached out to the team and our developers are aware of this issue and they are working on a firmware update that will improve the image quality. Thanks to user reports like yours, our team is working towards a fix for this. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience while we work to get this resolved.”