My Wyze OG has much worse WiFi than my Wyze Cam V3

I have had my 3rd Wyze Cam V3 fail due to a foggy lens. Because this one V3 is a year old and was given as a replacement the original V3 that got a foggy lens a year prior Wyze wouldn’t replace it. They did give me a $10 coupon that I used to help buy a Cam OG in the hope it will not get foggy is a year like all my V3 do.

But when I put it outback in the same spot my V3 was it wouldn’t maintain signal with my Wifi. I then took on of my other V3s and put it out back and moved the OG to replace the front of the house V3. But even in that spot the WiFi signal and over all connection is much worse than the V3.

Do I just have a lemon OG or are all OG just worse at WiFi than the V3s?

Hereis a video showing the OG in the same location on the same WiFi network that I previously had a V3 located that had full 3 bars of signal and no connection issues. The OG is -60 DB and keeps dropping and gaining connection and is generally unreliable.

Again not sure if this is just a bad unit because all the reviews I have seen say teh OG has better wifi than the V3.

The V2’s had better WiFi signal than the V3’s do, guess the trend continues in the next models…

I hope your wrong because all reviews I has seen of the OG said the WiFi is better than the V2. I hope I just have a bad unit.