Cam OG and Wyze View

Had been having a lot of trouble with Wyze View on any platform (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). It would work for a short while and then freeze.

Lately it seems to have settled down somewhat, when running on Chrome (Safari and Firefox… not so much). It’s been pretty reliable with both of my Cam Floodlights and Cam Pan V3 running latest firmware.

Today I added a Cam OG to the mix and View is back to its old tricks, but with the OG only… will run OK for a short time then will hang up and the timestamp will stop updating. While this is happening, the two Cam Floodlights and the Cam Pan v3 will continue to update their timestamps as normal.

So, what’s unique about the OG that causes it to misbehave like this?

I can monitor the OG with the Wyze app and it seems to update the timestamp OK, just going through View is what gives problems. And, of course, you can’t monitor more than one camera at a time with the Wyse app (seems like being able to monitor multiple cams would be a basic feature of an app like this but I guess not…).

Sure you can. Put the cameras into a group and monitor the group.

Oh. :slight_smile:

I’ll try that. Are there any instructions around on how to use groups?

As for this OG, though, it’s likely going back to Home Depot tomorrow morning. Even on the Wyze app, it won’t run for more than a few minutes without hanging up and freezing. It’s getting worse pretty much every time I start it up.

The plus in the upper left corner. Select “Add device group”. follow the prompts.

Thanks Jim, yeah I found it… Google can actually be quite useful from time to time… :slight_smile: