Multiple User Geofencing Geolocation (incl. Home Monitoring)

What I’m looking for is the ability to set schedules based on time and location contingencies. The simple command I want is “when I’m away, turn on motion detection/recording.” The more complicated command I want is “when I’m home, turn off motion detection/event recording between the hours of 7:00AM and 10:00PM.” That way I would be able to be home during the day without triggering a million events recordings, but then while I’m in bed the sensors and cameras are actively watching the rest of the house for intruders.

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You can do this with IFTTT. If This Then Than.
This could be connecting or disconnecting to/from your home wifi.
That would be disabling/enabling Wyze notifications.
It works for android. Not sure about Apple.

Many of us have tried to use IFTTT to turn our Wyze cams Person detection on or off depending on whether we are coming home or leaving. However the IFTTT applet is not reliable. Sometimes it works, but then other times it doesn’t. Sometimes it works when leaving home, but then does not work upon returning or visa versa. It’s obvious the Location function in IFTTT is not reliable.
What I would like is for Wyze to scrap IFTTT intergration (at least on this type of location function) and build an in house version that we can use to do the same thing. Similar to the Scheduling function that we currently have.


It would be great if the Wyze app could automatically turn the camera on or off based on the presence of a specific wifi network. This way you could leave the house and the cam would turn on automatically, and it would turn back off when you come back.


Does anyone from Wyze read these and give updates on if it’s something worth doing?

I did this by purchasing an IFTTT connected router. When it detects that my phone has disconnected, several applets are automatically run.


There are several ways to do this outside of the Wyze ecosystem. I want it self contained to make it less fragile and dependent on multiple vendors. For example, I used to do it using the Nest Home/Away integration with IFTTT, but that broke and requires three vendors to continue to cooperate and support things.

Two questions

Is IFTTT difficult to learn? I’m just barely dabbled in it and I’m not had much luck.
Is IFTTT compatible with Amazon Alexa?

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It isn’t difficult to learn - in fact, it’s really easy - but it is pretty limited. One trigger (This), and one action (That). So, it can act on only one camera at a time, for example.

And no conditions based actions. You can’t set it up to, say, trigger on a motion sensor, but only between hour x and y. Of course, the Rules in the app can do that now… so, it’s not a big deal.

Yes, there is an Alexa service you can connect to.


Do all of the users need to have the IFTTT app or just the Life360?


To set it up using IFTTT and Life360 you will need everyone to have Life360 on all users phones, IFTTT will only need to be used by one person.

In Life360 set up all users in one ‘family’ and set a ‘place’ as your house. Then you will go into IFTTT and connect Life360. You can then create an applet for when the last person leaves and when the first person arrives.


This would be a very nice feature to have!!


For homes with many people in it, this may not be as intuitive but for us apartment dwellers. Having a system-wide or device specific optional setting that notifications (camera motion and noise notifications, contact sensors and lock) are muted when the designated device is “home” and unmuted when they leave the geofence. While it is nice to have scheduling available, for those living in an apartment, a setting such as this could be a much easier and intuitive option to set up.


The home away on I feature is currently on the Amazon cloud cameras and it’s awesome so you don’t get your phone blown up from you walking around your house. It’s a great feature that I wish otherwise cameras would have which would make them over the top!


I like the notifications when a sensor is triggered, but I’d like to set something up for when I leave the house and forget to close the window.

I looked at ifttt but there doesn’t seem to be any logic for what I want.

If the window is open when I leave the house send me a notification.


I do not believe there is an easy way to currently do that. I was able to make it work but I had to use WYZE, IFTTT, SmartThings, WebCore and Life360. I do not know any easier way.

ifttt you can turn off notifications when you have locations linked to wyzecam, this works as you want it, which is to turn off notifications and/or turn off the camera(s) while you are home, but then turn it back on when you leave the house.

I don’t see that in ifttt

Sorry it’s all the notifications