Wyze Location Based On/Off only if Multiple Phones leave

I’ve been using Wyze Cams for outside for a long time and Amazon Cloud Cams for inside (aka Dog monitoring when we are at work). With Cloud Cam being discontinued I am not going to use the Blink cams they gave me and just go straight Wyze.

My dilemma is the one thing I loved about cloud cam was the Home/Away Mode (I know google nest has this as well), where it would arm the system only if both phones attached to the account left the house and then would disarm when either phone came home.

I know I can make location based rules for each of our phones for when we arrive home to turn the system off, but if I set a rule on each account to arm when that phone leaves, does wyze look to see if the other phone is still home and not arm if one is? Or will this be a possible coming feature?

I plan on using Cam Plus for each cam.

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I completely understand this issue, and it makes location rules almost useless for this application.

This wishlist request is exactly what you want, and it’s in the researching phase!

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You forgot to post a link to the wish list item. :slight_smile:

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Can you post the link? I will upvote immediately haha

Sorry lol, I have had that happen before, not sure why it does that. Added it now.