How To Turn Off a Camera When Two Account Holders are Hoome

I have a Cam-Pan V3 setup and I have created a rule on my account to power it off when my I arrive within 500ft of my home. It then powers up when I leave. It works perfect.

I shared the camera with my wife’s Wyze app and set up her camera settings the exact same, using the same rules and location services etc.

The problem is, when one of us leaves and the other is still home the camera powers up. Is there anything I can do to have the camera only power up only when both of us leave and power down when either of us arrives home?

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Unfortunately no, not right now. There is a wish list topic requesting this feature, and it is labeled as in progress and researching. I’ll put the link here for you to visit and hopefully vote on and support.


That’s good to hear! Thanks for your reply Omgitstony.

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If you have Home Monitoring, you can create a rule to turn on/off when you arm/disarm.
Working flawlessly for me.

No I don’t have the home monitoring unfortunately.

They are having things work good when one user/device is involved. But the OPs request is to have things work with two users/devices. There currently isn’t logic to only work if two users are both gone from a Geo circle or both users have entered a circle.