Multiuser Geofencing - Workaround

I love my Wyze cams. However, I don’t want/need them on when my family is home. When we are gone yes, but not when we are home. Hence the need for a multi-user geofence to turn the cameras on/off.

I tried IFTTT, Life360, and other various methods and while they kinda worked, they weren’t great. Biggest issue was a lag of 15 - 30 minutes before the cameras would turn off. Then it struck me, I use Apple’s Homekit, which has a multiuser geofence, so why not install some Homekit plugs and just turn the plug on/off when the first person gets home and the last person leaves. Voila! It’s immediate when we arrive/leave and works great. Problem solved. Hope this helps others with the issue! :grinning:

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