Shared accounts, cam switches on while I'm away

When I leave home I have a rule that switches our three cameras on and visa versa when I arrive back home.

All works well, when I’m alone.

But if my wife is at home when I leave the cameras still turn on

She has the wyze app installed as I share with her, so why does the app not recognise that she’s at home and not switch on the cameras while I’m away

Do I need to create the same rules on her app? Or am I missing something?

Currently, geofencing only works with a single user involved so it is working as intended. We are currently researching multi-user geofencing and there is a wishlist item for it below if you would like to go vote for it.


Thanks for getting back to me

I’ve added my vote to the wish list as for me this is essential because if not geofencing with multiple accounts is useless

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