How do I setup geofencing?

Hello. I just purchased a Wyze Cam v2 (Firmware and iOS App (1.5.52). Is there a way to setup Gefencing? I don’t want to be plagued by alerts unless I’m away from home. And even then, I would like to have the option to “pause” those alerts if I get too many false triggers (ie - family staying over)

I’ve added your request to add geofencing natively within the Wyze app to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

In the mean time, this can be accomplished with IFTTT. A little search of the forum will reveal instructions.

To pause and un-pause alerts, I’d suggest you create shortcut buttons at the top of the Devices page of the app. On to turn off alerts and one to turn on. Or alternatively, one to turn off notifications and one to turn on (leaving the alert clips being recorded). Search “shortcut” or “task” in the Support link at the top of this page for instructions.

It would be VERY nice if we could have multiple users geofencing within the app. In my research, it appears the only way to currently accomplish this is using a combination of IFTTT and Stringify. Stringify to handle the multiple users location variables and IFTTT to talk to Wyze notification settings. Unfortunately, Stringify’s location service appears to be VERY buggy and unreliable with Android 8. There appears to be no simple answer to solving the multiple users geofencing for Wyze notifications- I am hoping you can help. Here is my wish in short- please make wyze allow notifications when BOTH my wife and myself are gone, but disable notifications when EITHER of us are at home. Thank you! And I love your product!


Some people are using Life360 in combination with IFTTT to accomplish this.

Any updates from Wyze on this? I was successfully using Stringify to accomplish this for the last 8 months (2 posts above) but now Stringify is discontinuing it’s service. I am hoping to find a clean reliable solution. Thanks.

You can use life360 is working ok for me and my wife.

How about telling us how you accomplished that.

To use Life360 multi-person geofencing with Wyze, you have to use Life360’s IFTTT integration. Create an IFTTT applet using Life360 as the IF trigger and Wyze as the THEN action. Instructions on using Life360 and signing up can be found/done on their website.

Thank you.

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Been using LIFE360 and WYZE for months via IFTTT.

Have it set up like this: “IF (LIFE360) last family member leaves home, THEN (WYZE) motion notification is enabled on all cameras.” Conversely, “IF (LIFE360) first family member arrives home, THEN (WYZE) motion notication is disabled on all cameras.”


I am using iOS and I tried using the Life360 rules to have it turn my wyze cam off. And then back on when I arrive home. I live on my own so there is no other phone getting in the way of making this work. I left home today for work and nothing was triggered. I have both apps set to Always for location so that isn’t causing the issue. Any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated since wyze hasn’t added native support for it which I really hope they do.

I dont use iOS but I can try to help, how do you have it set up, as I am doing the same thing just on Android. My other question is has it ever worked or was it working and quit?

Hey there. I have it setup
Through the life360 applet I found already made in ifttt. It says that it will disable the cameras when a family member is home. Or it will enable the cameras when all family
Members have left. But when I leave home or come home nothing has changed and it doesn’t say the applet has fired or not. The only thing so far I have got to work is the ifttt applet and not the life360 where the cameras are turned on or off upon leaving the set area. Although this is great news, it isn’t ideal in a multi family home as it doesn’t know who is
Home or isn’t.

Yes in a multi-family home it gets a bit more difficult, I do have it running in a multi-family home, but to get it to work I had to tie in my SmartThings system to achieve it.

Do you have WYZE and Life360 set up in IFTTT. That would be my first question. Have you set up your home as a ‘place’ in Life360. You could also set the applet to notify you when it runs that way you know if you have the Life360 and IFTTT side working right

Oh that’s interesting About the smart things working for you. What does that require buying to get that to work for you?
For the life360 I have it running through ifttt so it is setup from ifttt and a applet in there logged into 360. and I have a home spot set in 360 so it knows where my home is. Also I have the applets already set so I know when they work or not.

And still nothing works to arm or dis arm. Just used the ifttt applet again as I left home and it did what it was suppose to. But no 36 notification doing what it is suppose to.

Also I just downloaded the smart things app and they don’t support wyze from the list of security cams. Only Arlo from what I can see. Not sure how you got this to work on wyze.

You would need the SmartThings hub and then it takes using WebCore which takes a bit of know how as it is some basic programming.

So the IFTTT applet is firing but you are still getting notifications is that correct?

Oh wow I’m not into doing something like that. Tempted to say screw it and go to Arlo which has it running natively on there app which is what wyze should do.
So the ifttt is firing and working to turn my cam on and off. But I want the 360 multi family ability to fire and work as the ifttt one that does work doesn’t know if anyone else is home or not. It will just fire either way.

Do you have the settings in the Life360 part of IFTTT as ‘when last person leaves’ and ‘when first person arrives’