Geofencing natively in the Wyze App

It is 2021.

Wyze hasn’t completed the development of the geofencing feature natively in the Wyze App.
I have been using this feature in my Canary View camera since 2018. I switched to Wyze cams. So in place of the canary, WCP is sitting there. I looked in the app and also searched at and did not find anything.

Now, what is the currently approved (by Wyze) or agreed method of using geofencing?
IFTTT+Life360 or there is another way?

And when is Wyze implementing this feature in their app??

PS: I am aware there is a question about this which was lastly responded to in 09/2020

Yeah, good luck. That’s a feature people have wanted since the beginning but judging by my experience with Wyze devices so far, you will either not get an answer at all or you will get the canned “We’re looking into it/We’re working on it.” response. Don’t get me wrong, I love the value that Wyze provides but it became clear to me a long time ago that they put more resources towards releasing new products than they do at refining their existing ones.

With that said, will I continue to use Wyze products? Absolutely. They are a great value - but I always make sure to throw in a caveat when I recommend Wyze products to people and tell them to make sure they judge their products based on the product features at the time of purchase - not based on Wyze’s claims of “coming soon/looking into it/in development”.

You can still do geofencing using just IFTTT but you’re limited to 3 rules on the free tier. It works for individual devices and All devices of a specific type (all cameras, all lights, etc.) but it doesn’t support native Wyze device groups.

I was able to do that using just IFTTT. Created a rule to enable notifications when I leave the geofence, and another to disable the rule when I enter the geofence. I just need to test now and see.

IFTTT works but only like 75% of the time in my experience. Luckily, I’m only doing it with a single camera so i have a rule to shut off motion detection and a rule to turn it back on.

Hi, odhiambo

I’ve had my lock for almost 2 years, geofencing has not worked since day 1. Multiple calls every few months to see if those fools have gotten thier act together. Nope. Same troubleshooting (45 min or so), told to use IFTTT. Just for the record, I don’t see ANY actions in the WYZE action services that apply to the lock.

Disappointing lock, disappointing support, and even disappointing passing-of-the-buck to IFTTT!

Not the hallmarks of a well run organization. All my best to other customers.

The Midnight Driver

The app now has location triggers that can be setup under rules. This allows you to select your current location, which then brings up a map where you can adjust the radius of your geo fence down to 500ft.
Even though I have the app set to be running in the background, this still doesn’t work for me. The app also has access to use the GPS in android’s settings.
Please advise.

Doesn’t work for me at all with Wyze and my Android S8. And with Alexa App for lights geofencing works only about 80% of the time. Sad. Need a new approach, solution for all apps…