First time giving video to police

So this week there was a domestic disturbance across the street and the police came and dealt with it, they saw my cameras and wanted a copy of the video… So these are the things that I have learned that I think WYZE could make better. Just my 2 cents but hey.

  1. A fast forward and rewind tool in “View playback” mode with both a corse and fine adjustment.
  2. A jump to time stamp entry
  3. A “Start : Stop” time stamp entry for direct download from the camera.
  4. A “jump” to playback from the events tab so we can find and record videos more easily.
  5. Network download stability? 2 out of the three videos had to be downloaded twice. ( If I could put in a time frame and have to wait while the download was compiling, I’d be ok, but having to watch the video while it downloads again and again while resetting the time stamp stamp got old)

now for the good!

  1. So affordable I had 3 cams on the other house.
  2. The cops were wowed out by the video quality and sound quality
  3. The ability to upload to google drive that was built into the app is amazing, easy to upload to google drive and share to the police family and friends
  4. telling everyone about the product, I have converted my friends and family to buying WYZE cams to secure their homes.

now for things I would like to see

  1. doorbell cam. ( I now have a V2 on my porch rail that is playing that roll but a dedicated solution would be amazing.
  2. Outdoor cam. even though I have a total of 4 WYZE V2’s outside right now only 2 are in cases, none have had any issues yet.

That’s it for now.
Good stuff at WYZE
I will buy more


Welcome to the community, @hghiggs. Both of your #wishlist requests are already in #roadmap. Please review the below post on how to use #wishlist. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the clubs-Wyze and video-to -police both!
I had my car broken into while parked in front of my house recently. The young men, one of whom did the actual break in while the other two stood nearby. Got the whole thing on two cams and by the time the police got here had the videos ready to give them. Culprit caught and just recently convicted!
I like your list of suggestions. I was able to use the event video as a flag for the time and just download the relevant segment pretty easily.
A coarse time jump in playback would be great. If you pinch out on the time frame slider it will give you a pretty good fine adjustment by the minute.
Really like the idea of a direct jump from alert video to playback time frame.
Do checkout @DreadPirateRush 's suggestion about #wishlist and #roadmap and vote!


For an occurrence like @hghiggs I would have pulled and copied the SD cards then let the police have their way.

@hghiggs… I think Dread is referring to the two things you “would like to see”. I’ll also mention that the first four numbered items in your post are also already in the wishlist/roadmap, so you should be able to search, find, vote and comment on those as well.