Wyze Discover Feedback Thread!

Hi, folks!

We have an app section called “Discover”. It’s designed to showcase community content that people send us. If you’re interested in your video being considered for Wyze Discover and our social media channels, please email your video and how you would like to be credited to wow@wyzecam.com.

We would like to hear your thoughts on this new section. :slight_smile:




Love the idea! I’ll copy this down.

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I have tried to send through the email but get a page not found. And I’m not getting much of a response to upload the videos. What happens now? I’ve been trying to upload for the Wyze Day which ends in 10 days since before the 1st and nothing has resolved. I’ll be calling in a moment so I can get a live person to help with this. I realize I won’t win but I sure would like to be able to participate but at the moment seems like I can’t

Hi, @FriendofFeralCats! We’re already in contact but I just wanted to make sure that you knew that this is for the Discover tab in the app and not for the contest. I already sent a memo out to the support agents about this. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Glad you got to see the video btw.

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Would be great if could have a neighborhood app like Ring to share shady things going on in our area!

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Hello @imkaldiva and welcome to the community.

I just use the Ring neighborhood app and post videos from WYZE cameras, I figure that works rather than having the neighborhood split among apps.


Oh wow thanks for sharing! Honestly I thought only Ring devices could be uploaded to Ring. Learn something new every day!


Hey hey hey! I wanted to send a video captured on my PanCam last night during tropical storm Eta but it’s not letting me. Is there another way to send it? I did send it to the email above but wasn’t sure if that post was still good since it’s so old.

Welcome to the forum JenJen981, I believe that since this is your first post that you don’t have video posting privileges for now…

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I will see if I can get your permission changed so you can upload the video. here

I would like to see it :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Jenjen981, Welcome to the Forum Community!
Based on @HDRock‘s request, I have raised your permissions level so that you should now be able to post the video. Stay safe!