Driveway alert idea

I’d like to find a buzzer / bell that makes a sound when it is plugged into a wall outlet. Then, I could plug it into a Wyze Plug and when the camera in the driveway detects motion, it would turn on the Wizen Plug, which would sound the buzzer / bell. I just can’t find a buzzer / bell that does this when it gets power. Ideas?

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I connected This Transformer
To This Bell and wired the transformer to an extension cord so I could plug it in wherever I wanted. Plug the assembly into a smart plug and you have on-demand noise!
Basically it’sa portable doorbell!


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something like these?

plus this?

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Question: How long does it ring before it shuts off or do you have to have some other trigger to shut it off. I’m really just looking for a few dings and then it stops. Thanks

So, the extension cord’s two wires go to these two screws, right? Where do you connect the doorbell? And, does the doorbell just rings for a couple of seconds and then shut off? I don’t want one that continues to ring as long as power is supplied to it. Thanks for you help.

Here’s a really basic layout. Extension cords two wires go to screws on transformer. Bell wire goes from other transformer screws to whatever chime you pick. Plug extension cord into smart plug (I used a Gosund plug for this)and write your routine-I used Alexa.

Nicely done! I wonder how, using the Wyze plug rather than the Gosund, I will be able to shut off the bell, after two second. Dave

I haven’t actually tested this but as a quick pass you could try this set of rules:

If you decide to give it a shot, post back and let me know. Another option would be to try IFTTT.

Yeah. I tried the first one using a plug-in radio as my “bell”. The problem is that the reset isn’t immediate for the ON … so, it stays playing/ringing far too long before the OFF kicks in.

For IFTTT, there is too long of a delay … the person can actually be at our door by the time the “in the driveway” function completes. Still thinking …


I just use a Dakota Alert driveway sensor that I got from Amazon. The sensor is mounted on my power pole and the receiver is in my home. When someone walks past it, it triggers the receiver in the house. I also added another receiver and mounted it in the soffit so the person knows they triggered it because they hear the audible noise.

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I second this! Our first Dakota Alert driveway alarm is over 15 years old and still going strong. The best present I ever gave my parents for their rural home. :slightly_smiling_face:

The company and their support staff have been 110% every time I’ve needed to reach out to them, and their newest products can cover insane distances.

We have a Wyze cam near the receiver so the sound event will start it recording at a much greater distance that the built-in motion detection can reach.

Not cheap, but really really worth it if you live in the country!

Yeah, I finally broke down and bought a dedicated driveway sensor. I was trying to do it with the motion/person sensor on the Wyze Cam because I already have them. But, it just doen’t work reliability … to many false alarm and too few misses of actual people. Thanks for your replies. I bought the eMacros solar model. It works fine as a PIR sensor by picking up heat from people and cars. Funny though … it won’t pick up an electric vehicle because there is no engine heat! Thanks, again.

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Here is what I have…

I have 4 wyze cameras with person detection setup for alerts and this combo works pretty good. The person detection on wyze needs some work but it’s coming along.

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I’ve had it for like 4 years… 2 years in it was still working on the original battery!

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Yeah, I have been pleasantly surprised with their battery life as well!

I went with this one for the longer range and the fact is has solar so I don’t have to mess with the batteries. Both, are PIR. Yes, the person detection on the Wyze is a work-in-progress.

Not familiar with that brand, but they look good. Will check 'em out!

Yeah, the curse of the heatless Priuses on cloudy days! Couple of relatives now have them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Problem is the magnetic driveway alarms are annoyingly pricey so we haven’t made that jump yet.

But at least it would solve the midnight deer herd problem at the same time… :wink:

For suburban use, I’ve had amazing good luck with the Harbor Freight offering

Find the right coupon and it’s only about $10 - will trigger a Wyze cam just fine. :slightly_smiling_face: