Dumb beep device?

I’ve seen a few people talk about dumb siren-type devices here, so that you can plug them into Wyze plugs and trigger them through rules in the app. I don’t really want a siren, but it might be nice to have something that beeps when doors open, maybe when a person is detected outside, etc. With that in mind, does anyone know of a dumb device that simply makes a “beep” sound when connected to power? Oddly enough, smart plugs have probably created a new market for super simple dumb devices that can be controlled by them. Haha. I’d love a simple, stupid device like this. But I really don’t know how to find it.

If I knew more about electrical wiring, etc, I’m sure there are a million $5 products out there that I could dissect to make this happen. I know that it’s very simple, but I don’t know how to solder or anything. I’ve done really simple electrical stuff like connecting a light fixture, so if it’s that level – connecting a couple wires with a wire nut – I could probably handle that. But I just don’t know what to buy.


I don’t know of that type of device. But you could use a Wyze sense contact sensor. They can cause your phone to beep when they open?

I had one of these for my refrigerator when the kids still lived with me.

Door Chime, 500ft Operating Range 52 Chimes Adjustable Volume with Mute Mode LED Indicators 1 Plug-in Receiver 1 Magnetic Door Alarm Sensor for Home Security & Office https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HSLB3BL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5RhRDbE96YPRY


I was thinking along the same lines a door chime. You might be able to hack or tinker around with something like this and getting it to work with Wyze sense. It would be a fun project to try.



This is exactly what you need. Sound on!


Heh, I’ve been waiting for something to descend to my level around here. I already have all the components in various pockets of my overalls!

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It has the added benefit of being the germ of a not half bad solution. Combine it with a sense motion or contact sensor instead of a toggle switch and great things become possible! :yum:

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Yeah. My phone makes a sound already, but I don’t really want something that relies on my phone. Frankly, when I’m home, I don’t really want to have to send notifications to my phone when a door opens. A beep will suffice.

As for the chime product you sent, that looks perfect, form-factor wise. But in order to make it beep whenever it receives power, I guess I’d have to dissect it and reroute some wires. That’s what I don’t really know enough about, unfortunately.

Check this out;


I use these things for other electronic projects, they seem to work well.

Cool! It says “continuous sound,” though – I wonder if there’s something that would just do a quick beep. Otherwise, it might be fairly annoying. Haha.

Used with a Wyze contact sensor and a Wyze plug, you could set up the rule that once the sensor is closed, turn off the plug.

I am creating something similar, I’m plugging a lamp into the plug. Once the sensor opens, I power the plug on/off 4 times to flash a light in my bedroom.

Yeah, I just feel like that would be an annoyingly long beep.

lol Yeah, It would beeping until the “door is closed” for the continuous buzzer, there are other ones out there that have a delay, like when power is supplied, beep every 10 seconds, 20 seconds…etc. Like the one I made Makes a noise, then will sound again if the “door” is not closed within 10 seconds. it works well for my needs. But you are making me now want to break out the arduino One and make something from scratch now. :nerd_face:

That sounds all right to me. Most of the time, I’m gonna close the door within 10 seconds, and if I haven’t, I deserve to be annoyed by the beeping until I do. Where can I find that type? Haha.

I already made one of these using ifttt webhooks and a raspberry pi zero with a piezo buzzer attached.

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The siren chime device by Dome works with smart things and others. Maybe just a tie in to it.
I have it make a nice chime for doors, other alerts as I want.
Or make a wyze one like the ring chime.
Very very useful

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Have you successfully used that with Wyze products, though? Wyze doesn’t have SmartThings integration.

Edit: I guess you can do it through IFTTT and SmartThings with a Virtual Switch, but that’s relying on several extra services. I’d prefer to keep it simpler than that.


I have pretty much all my stuff working in SmartThings with a ton of virtual switches and virtual motion sensors. That way I can use them in WebCore, I would rather have seamless integration but for now I make it work, seems to do good enough for me.

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I have not been able to link my chime with Wyze thru smart things.
Would be great if it did.
Would love to have it be option for Wyze cam alerts and or Wyze sensors

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If your chime works in SmartThings you should be able to do this by utilizing IFTTT

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