Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

Great uses! Here are a couple more:

  1. I have outdoor outlets for Christmas Lights, I’d love to get set up on a smart switch.
  2. I have an attic exhaust fan that I would love to have more control over.
  3. My son falls asleep with his ceiling fan on, but gets cold in the middle of the night. A smart switch could be scheduled to turn off at like 2am each night.

The last few posts here indicate some use cases for which a smart plug (as opposed to a smart wall switch) would work. Just want to point out that the Wyze Smart Plug is in testing, coming very soon:

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I am buying a couple smart plugs and am excited for them, but no, they can not be used in the situations I have mentioned above. That’s why a smart switch is a must have!


The achilles heel of a smart light bulb is that the power has to be on at the switch. If the switch is turned off it doesn’t matter how smart the bulb is, it won’t work. An affordable Wyze Smart Switch could transform all the regular non-smart bulbs to be smart and easily transform a room with one switch. A smart switch that integrates with all of the Wyze sensors and cameras would make it much easier to transform the whole house in a much more efficient solution. You add a smart bulb to areas where you would want the added features such as color temperature control etc. Dimming and non-dimming switch…if a no neutral solution can be figured out even better but not necessary to get started. Clearly a bit more involved in installation but nothing that can’t be overcome with the Wyze user community.


I am loving my smart bulbs and would like to continue to make the rest of my home “smart”, but as pointed out in the above comments a smart switch would round out Wyze’s IOT infrastructure… Is there a timeline on when this product might enter the pipeline?


No there isn’t. The topic will have to move from “maybe-later” to “researching”. Then it will have to move to the #roadmap as “in-development”. Finally it would move to “testing”. So there’s a long way to go and no way to know if or when it might happen.

More info:


Gotcha, thanks for the explanation!

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I just got mine installed a couple weeks ago and would have bought Wyze in an instant… if they come out, I’d swap em for sureeeeIMG_20190807_192946

I went with Moes brand, cause of reviews and also cause I wanted to use the Smart Life app since I have other stuff on there. Even though later I found out I could add them to my Google ecosystem so now I can use it either way, awesome…


This is a must to compete with the old but in my opinion still most versatile smarthome system…X10.

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I just bought Wyze Bulbs. The only downside is that if somebody pushes my light swift off. The bulb can’t be operated from the app anymore. If wyze made a smart switch. Even if the switch is physically turned off. It can still be turned back on with the app.

Would love to see a smart switch!!


I have smart bulbs in my daughters room and had the same issue. Without fail someone would turn the switch off out of habit and the lights would not work. I pulled the switch out, took the two black wires off the switch, put them together and then put the switch back in. The switch is now a dummy switch and the lights are always powered. Because of this however, I limit smart bulbs to lamps now.


Switch guards are great alternatives to keep power on your bulbs without disconnecting the the wires.

Switch Guards

Different Style Guards


If you put a switch guard on it. You will need to share our the bulb with all your family or have a an Alexa to make it voice controlled. I think a smart switch is still the best way to go.

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Agreed. I installed Gosund smart light switches a few weeks ago and I love them. They are very fast responding to the Smart Life app.

However, I think using a switch guard is the best way rather than disconnecting the light switch wires like the post mentions below.


You have a smart switch in conjunction with Smart Bulbs? Is there any downside to that? Would it cause any issues? Or is there even a need for it if you have smart switches

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No, I don’t use the Smart switches with my Wyze bulbs not necessary. I used the switches on regular LED bulbs to control them like the Wyze bulbs. Not sure how the Wyze bulbs would react with a Smart switch.

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Can you guys look into making something like the lutron aurora smart bulb dimmer.



A wifi wall switch to toggle lights on and off without having to worry about leaving the switch in the off position which would leave your wifi bulbs useless. The bulbs are great but the only way to control them is voice and the app, both of which can be more tedious than a wall switch when entering or leaving a room.


Bestbuy just cancelled insignia connect. So, now I need to replace my insignia smart switches. Are smart switches actually on the roadmap, or should I go ahead and buy kasa tp link switches?

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