Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

Is there any plans for a smart light switch ?


Not a smart plug. But possibly an actual smart light switch. Like replace your household light switch in full for a 10 dollar light switch. I mean smart bulbs are good and all. But I have 33 dang bulbs in my house to replace. And if yours cost 20 for 2 like most smart bulbs it would cost me over 350 dollars to do the entire house. Not to mention all of the connected bulbs to the wifi now. But by doing a switch of some sorts would make it much easier and cheaper for people to smarten up their home lighting. Instead of going the smart bulb route.


Would love to see both, light switch and plugs


Agreed. Would love for the smart switches to integrate with Sense. Having lights come on when the front door opens may be a good thing, and even better if we can set it so it only turns them on in between sunset (evening) and sunrise (morning). Coming home to a dark house isn’t always fun with kids leaving stuff all over the place.


As this is about an actual wall switch (vs a smart plug), I’ve moved the topic over to #wishlist. You can now vote for it at the top.


Thank you thank you thank you. I would love a $10 dollar or heck even a $20 dollar switch over $80 dollars worth of bulbs to replace for just one room. This way you dont have to have smart bulbs… You can turn your dumb bulbs into smart bulbs… lol


Exactly. I just upgraded my entire house with LED bulbs. No way would I switch out all of them for smart bulbs.


Smart light switches range between $40 - $80… and very little to no changes in the last 12-18 months in this sector.

What could be a market winner is a legacy style type switch [up/on, down/off] existing switch plates would work w/ … that had a solenoid inside that would actually flip the switch for you.

All the current switches use spring loaded paddle or a toggle to avoid this. However most require new switch plate covers $2 - $8 and in the dark the on vs off state can’t be determined by feel like the old style.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always confused what state most modern paddle smart switches are in. Legacy toggle switches are better for the visually disabled also.


TP Link makes one for you can buy for roughly $25. They are my favorite so far, and great switches that do not require a hub. I have Belkin WEMO switches on all of my outside lights, they are roughly $40. The only reason I kept those for my outside lights is the “hold switch” function. You can push any one of the switches, hold it in for a few seconds and it will perform a 2nd function. I have it set to toggle all of my outside lights, which can come in handy. They are both the Decora style switch like most are, but I switched all my switches over from the the old style to Decora a while ago because they have a cleaner look so that doesn’t really bother me.

If you want to know what I think would set you apart? I would make all smart wall switches 3 ways. Meaning you can control the light from 2 locations. You can install any 3 way as a single pole switch (One switch for the light), but you can not install a single pole switch on a 3 way circuit without losing functionality. If all your switches were 3 way capable, I would switch out every one of my TP Link switches for your because it would offer me much more flexibility as to where I want to install them. By integrating smart switches, the Sense motion sensor, and an Alexa Routine you could possibly set it up so you never have to touch the light switch again in certain rooms. That would be awesome!


A future Wyze smart switch, both a 2-way and also a 3-way, would offer a great deal of utility. For example, if a camera in the garage detected sound, a smart switch could activate the garage lights and/or the outside lights over the driveway. Or, when a Wyze motion sensor is activated at the rear of the house, the smart switch could activate the outside lights in that area and at the same time another smart switch could activate certain inside lights.

But, whether smart plugs or smart switches, when power is restored after a power outage, the plug/switch should resume a scheduled or user-programmed state, not just return in an “off” state.


Agree with gkrynick22 … if WYZE is going to offer smart switches, make them ALL 3 WAY.

Any three way switch will work on a two way circuit … but a two way circuit can not work on a 3 WAY.


The beauty of a 3 way switch is it can be installed in 2 way or three way applications. I would think as far as manufacturing is concerned it would be cheaper making one type of switch as opposed to 2 different types. I could be wrong about that though. What I like though is I wouldn’t have to decide exactly where I wanted to put the switches, then buy the appropriate switch. If they were all 3 way switches I could buy 5 switches and then decide where I want them to go after the fact. Which is usually what I do. I just bought 3 wemo switches, a TP link switch and a wemo plug last light out of the blue. I’m not sure where I want them to go yet, however I know I can’t put them on my hallway lights (3-way), one of my master bedroom lights (3-way) or my entry way (3-way) even though I would like to.

I just ordered the sense, I can’t wait. All of my outside lights are already smart switches and my I’m slowly swapping out my interior lights to either switches, plugs or bulbs. I really hope I can integrate all of my light, switches and plugs with the sense kit. I really hope they expand their Alexa abilities into the Routines. I have some very useful routines set up, and think I could have a lot of fun utilizing the Sense with Routines. On of my routines is set up so if my Ring Doorbell detects motion between 11:30-5:00am, all of my outside lights turn on for 5 minutes.

I agree they should definitely go back to schedule state if there is a power loss.


I agree. A smart switch would be awesome! That way we can use it for canned lights to dim them. I have the Lutron dimmers and I love them, but I would totally switch to wyze if they did it right with a better price point.


A replacement for the regular light switch.


I’m voting for the light switch as well. Bulb is a nice idea, but I’m looking to control existing fixtures – some florescent, some very high lumen bulbs – in my case principally in the garage/shop. 3 way is also needed as my existing switching is that way. I’ve seen some attempts, but nothing that has a decent review and likely to last. Also, the benefit of a single app is huge as well.



The problem with Smart Bulbs is the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). My Wife would like to operate everything as if it were not smart. So for me, the best solution to the smart switch would be either a outright smart switch that replaces the bulbs or a smart switch that acts like a normal switch but just issues commands to the smart bulbs or sets a group of bulbs to certain scenes.


Can you guys look into making something like the lutron aurora smart bulb dimmer.



I love the smart bulbs but I have a lot of “non traditional” lights in my house, a switch with a dimmer option would be much more efficient.


I’ve just installed WiFi switches & dimmers

(Not installed fully as need a deeper back box)

I like the fact that I can say ok Google turn off all lights to turn them off or ok Google good night to turn everything off (lights & plugs)

I use them for 1 way (single switch) 2 way (2 switches) 3 way & 4 way circuits, like the fact that they are all wired 1 way and linked via WiFi

There’s no need to make them 2 way due to the functionality
Also means you can add additional switches powered off a plug etc


I agree with @Urbnized. It’s not only the cost of replacing all the bulbs, but also a switch is way more practical for my kids. They don’t have smart phones (yet) and sometimes getting Alexa to do what you intend is a pain.