Talking to a light switch?

I love my Wyze Bulbs!
Maybe just a bit too much?

The night before the service outage. I was a little tired and found my self preparing to give an Alexa command for my wyze bulbs to a random light switch!

What made the whole thing even sadder. Was that even Alexa was not near that light switch either!

In my semi conscious state, did I just dream up a new Wyze Product?

Hmmm, let’s see,
Wherever ur in any given room, just talk to a particular switch or socket!

Now that’s what I call a smart home!


There are already smart switches with HALexa built in… not cheap!

I have a Dot in each room so I can talk to the air and have it do my bidding. Have never actually faced a light switch when speaking.

Ya, I see no need for these devices unless they get to the price of other main connected switches.

A dot in every room!
Even the bathroom n hallways?

Guess I’m 3 dots short!

LOL I have them in every room, I have amazon fire tabs in the bathrooms instead of dots, utilizing Bluetooth and hard wired to in-wall marine grade speakers.
I will listen/watch TV while in the shower/bath, get notifications, announcements when people enter the house etc.

My wife and I live in a smaller house. 1600 square feet. But we don’t have an dots in the bathroom. Though I am adding one to the garage today. Just upgraded my office to an Echo Show 5" that I purchased from Amazon for $20.64 (including sales tax) after sale and discounts.

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