Wyze use with your favorite smart switch?

Hi all!

I love my wyze stock and would buy only wyze if there were more products, (which is totally fine) and i was wondering about your favorite other branded smart switches.
I have a Geeni smart switch in my Kitchen and would love for the sensor to be triggered when i enter my house and turn them on. As far as I have found it’s not possible. I’ve heard good things about TP/KASA and some others. I don’t particularly want to pay more for Wemo, but I wil if it’s recommended.
Thanks for your thoughts!

I buy the expensive Leviton wall dimmer switches mostly because they are UL listed but also because they look like traditional rocker switches.

I have some Wemo plugs and they are … adequate.

I use generic outlets and bulbs that can be controlled by the Smart Life app. This also allows them to be controlled by Google Home and Alexa.
I will not use proprietary systems like WYZE.

If you’re running a Wyze skill anyway for the cameras, there’s no new chewing gum and tape to add for enabling the bulbs and plugs. Just saying. I do TRY to keep cloud automation apps to a minimum and yet I’ve got 4? Five?

I use Google. WYZE doesn’t cooperate with Google no matter how often they say it’s been fixed.

I use both Wyze and Gosund, the majority Gosund. I started with them before Wyze branched out. Like @angus.black mentioned, they are controlled by the Smart Life app. Also work with Alexa and IFTTT quite well.

I use wyze plugs and bulbs with google home with no problem. The only problem I’ve had is with extended periods trying to live stream a cam through google nest hub, the recent firmware update did help a bit.