Light Switch

Hey guys before I go ahead and purchase wemo light switches I need to know if you will be producing your own by end of this year? I would hate to integrate another brand into my house with another app only to have you guys come out with something.



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Hello @sshneyer89 and welcome to the community.

This forum is mainly a user to user community and WYZE employees do not monitor all areas closely. The best info I can give you is the following #wishlist topic that is marked as ‘researching’. This means it is something they are looking into but it is currently not in development. I would have no ETA on when this would be available if they decided to do it.


A caution about Wemo. Mine have been working well but I recently found they just released a userid account system and it has mixed reviews.

Their older scheme doesn’t require accounts and just discovers the devices on your local network. It works fine for me but apparently others have had issues and it’s arguably a security concern.

Are there any plans to create a 3-Way Switch?

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So far I have not been made aware of any concrete plans to release one.

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