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WyzeWeek2022 Lighting Day: I’m Wyze Product Manager Aman Jambavat, here to answer your lighting and power questions - AMA!

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3 way switch, dimmer switch & non-decora style switches

3-way light switch, smart outlets, touch screen interface light switch like the Brilliant product line?


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One of the most frustrating things about Wyze lighting is that it is nearly impossible to have fully automated lighting in a large room. We would love to have a light come on only when a person is present and have a light turn off only when a person leaves. We can’t really do this right now.

The Lamp sockets are supposed to only work in the dark/outside and use a static timer currently (they will shut off after the initial timer trigger period ends even if a person is still present with ongoing motion).

Motion sensors can’t work with group triggers (ie: if any in the group sense motion, lights turn on, if ALL sensors are clear for X minutes then lights turn off), and single sensors can’t sense a whole room very well, such as when a person sits on a couch or in a chair unless it’s within a couple of feet of the person. Thus motion sensors cannot automate lighting in a big room, just a very small one or a hallway.

Cameras work great for triggering lights on and they can watch a whole room easily, but they do not allow for a “has been clear for” trigger to turn the lights back off, so they don’t work well either.

Most “Timers” are static timers, and if you set them for 10 minutes or whatever, they will shut off in 10 minutes no matter what, even if a person is still actually present in the room…rather than only 10 minutes after there is no longer any new trigger/reset.

Will you PLEASE come up with a solution so we can have fully automated lighting in a normal sized or big room? Right now Wyze lighting can only be automated in something like a hallway or when you guess how long you’ll be in a room, not actual automated where it turns on when a person enters, stays on for however long they are present, including sitting down, and only turns off when people leave. All of the above can be updated to allow this to happen (camera “Is clear triggers”, Motion sensor grouping triggers, Dynamic timers that reset when re-triggered, etc. But currently you support none of those options.

Will you PLEASE come up with a solution so we can have fully automated lighting in a normal-sized or big room?

When will you have non-cloud-dependent lighting/bulbs? Cloud dependency is slow to react when it comes to lighting which should be fast. Are you working on this?

There is a non-neutral-wire switch listed on your roadmap and which Steve Mcirvin told us would be released by the end of the year. Is that still on schedule? Will it require incandescent bulbs to work (uses a constant low power trickle) or will it work with LED bulbs too?

Will we get to see a Wyze Switch (no neutral) and 3 way Wyze switch this year? Or very near future?

Are you looking into making lightstrips that can plug into a video feed to match what is being watched (ie: for TVs/theater experience)?

Will any of your current lighting be updated to support Matter? If so, when? If not, why not, and when will you have Matter-compliant lighting available?

What new lighting products are on the horizon…?

Are there any plans for sequencing/animating lighting products or groups?

Alternative Bulb Sizes and types is showing on your Roadmap. What can we expect to be your priorities?

Can you control Wyze Bulb White individually or do all fall under a group setting?

If I buy a light switch and some bulbs from Wyze and connect them to google home, can I set it where my light switch will turn off/on all my bulbs?

Where can users find mounting solutions for the strip pro lights?

Thoughts on a double gang switch cover?

How many individual LEDs are in the 32.8ft LED strips? I seem to be finding conflicting information.

All my bulbs are in fixtures that have covers. Are you going to make bulbs that can be used in them?

New floodlight with V3Pro and other Upgrades


New floodlight with a v3 pro is what I want!!

The v2 floodlight unit can also come with some new features that we desperately need such as ; ability to customize individual pir sensor zones , ability to change the color temperature of the LED’s , dimming feature , a bottom sensor (for wall installations so it can detect what’s below it) , and also it would be nice to see if Wyze can offer the ability to change the LED bulbs .

Maybe they can even sell the bulbs from the store so we can buy them from their store and replace the bulbs when they go bad so we don’t have to buy a whole new floodlight unit once the bulbs go bad .

Man I’m thinking of sooo many new ideas of a v2 floodlight .

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It would be nice to have 2K for the Floodlight instead of 1080p.

I would also really like the Garage Door Controller to have higher resolution so I can put the camera at the back of my garage instead of toward the front.


Yes , higher resolution would be greatly appreciated!

But not even for the camera itself , the floodlight can also come with some new and improved settings such as the ones I posted in my first comment .

Those features are what we have been wanting , so it would be nice if Wyze did that but we will see .

I’m sure they will offer accessories for the v3 pro , can’t wait . I’m looking forward to the v3 pro !

Thanks for the summary as always Carver!

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