Wyze Lighting Survey

Hello everyone, one of our Product Managers, @mike.s, would love it if you could help us learn more about what you, our customers feel about our lighting products here at Wyze. Any information shared will only be used for improving our products and will not be shared outside of Wyze.

Thank you for all your help :grinning:


Some interesting questions in here hinting at products Wyze is researching/considering. :slight_smile: Definitely worth taking the time to see that.

My biggest recommendation on the last question was that Wyze improve automation rules for the lighting. Right now it is very hard for me to get lights to both turn on only when a person enters the room and turn off after there has been no person in the room for X minutes. Especially to do so without considering pets or outside lighting (sun, shadows, car headlights, etc). Person detection event triggers don’t seem to restart the lighting timers, there is no trigger for “person detection has been clear for X minutes” either, and while we can set motion sensors above pet level, they aren’t sensitive enough to trigger for someone sitting a chair or couch across the room, we would need one within a few feet of each seat and need them all to work as group (only turn off the lights when EVERY motion sensor in the group is clear for x minutes). None of those automation options are currently possible with Wyze’s rules.

I think I also said it would be awesome to have a TV sync option for lightstrips.

Anyone else have any other really good suggestions related to lighting that they mentioned in the survey?