RULES FEATURE ADD ON - Detect Occupied or Unoccupied

ALMOST THERE! The feature to turn off lights when out of an area and on when in an area is much appreciated. Lets take it one step further. WYZE knows there are multiple people in a home which is why they allow sharing. But it seems the feature to “not” turn off the lights automatically on the wife when the husband leaves (after a certain time of course) seems to have been forgotten. I know it is possible because if these worked with Home kit I could do it. I had plugs before that worked with HK and I had them set up this way. Replaced all of them with Wyze bulbs and plugs. Just wish this would happen. If scheduled, for going to go off at 7am for instance there needs to be something that says, someone else is still there, leave on until they leave. Thank you!

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If you have location-based routines, the location is sensed from your phone. It only makes sense that way.
Use a sensor to achieve what you desire - to detect occupied or unoccupied.


V1 (require the Wyze bridge and WCP) or V2 (requires WHM system) sensors. V1 sensors are no longer sold by Wyze, but you can get them. V2 sensors come with the Wyze Home Monitoring system. You can buy it and choose (or not) a subscription.

Yeah, thanks but no thanks! I have several of those v1 sensors at my house. They just stopped working a little at a time. And no, a new battery didn’t fix them. Same with all the door/window sensors. How about Wyze just use location from the phones they already have permission to see where they are at.

As previously stated, I know it can be done. My door does it, I’ve had plugs do it. Heck my thermostat does it. Wyze has good products, they just strayed into so many sku’s rather than perfect. And while I have many /many of their products it’s nice to refine the ones they have.

The V1 sensors are known to die if you let the battery run down to below 10%. If you change before that, you are fine.
Are you saying that other devices are able to perform routines based on location of two separate devices? Please share the config of a routine that does what you asked for.

The devices that do that are not Wyze. Wyze abandoned the sensors or at least bundled them into something else, that personally I don’t want or need. So sensors are not an option.

I was just asking that Wyze add in a feature that turns off lights etc based on last person home. They already use location of each of the phones attached to our account to turn on/off bulbs on arrival and departure.

Better rules accounting for all Wyze members of household. Example if BOTH people are home turn on light, if BOTH people leave turn off lights.

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