Wyze wall switch

Never mind the “tag” it forced me to pick something.
What is up with the Wyze wall switch that has suddenly appeared at Home Depot??


I saw a box of these at a Hoke Depot 2 days ago… no information online, or on wyze website. I picked up one… anyone know more?


On the same page, bought one anyway just to play. FYI there seems to be a merchandising push at HD. Cameras, outdoor cameras, outdoor plugs, doorbell, and more. Best guess is an effort to have Christmas available day 1.


Is the switch is physical push switch or a capacitive panel?

Mechanical rocker, Decora style faceplate

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Well that’s good news, thanks @mlg. I guess they are doing both regular switches and dimmers?

Here is some official correspondence from Wyze, from on Twitter…


So a company with supply issues even before the current unpleasantness is actively discouraging buying its available product? Doesn’t seem wise. If you want these things I’d suggest picking them up as you see them. Just my opinion.

They’re discouraging because it’s not actively supported right now. Being that it’s not in the beta or the public release I believe the only way to actually use this would be to be a tester and have the Alpha app. And as with most other things if they wanted to change any of the discourse or advertisement surrounding this product they will have lost the surprise effect now. Something they have relished in before other items.

Doesn’t matter at all though. For individuals who want and have been waiting for a Wyze branded wall switch, it would stupid NOT to pick one up when they are available. Look how long the poor pre-order buyers have had to wait for their Wyze merchandise. If I were not already using Leviton and Feit I might pick up some “leaked” Wyze switches and physically install them now. They should work fine as switches and I assume can be easily configured when the app is ready for them.

Hope they’re UL listed.

looking for some education: my rudimentary knowledge of switches suggests in the dimmable smart switch world, (i.e. Leviton Z wave), switches work with signaling and other stuff while fans are motors and are not the same properties and therefore not swappable?

The premise being Dimmable smart home switches will always require the fan run on it’s own motor control

Come on guys, with all you have done already and yet one of the most simple items not yet offered, a simple programmable wall switch. Seems like it shouldn’t be more than putting the guts of a plug into different housing.

Can you share what you can see of the product? I have some gen 1 Leviton smart switches and dimmers, but if I need any more their gen 2 seems horribly designed. So I’m hoping these are better designed and would be able to fill my new needs

What are your concerns? I think mine are “gen 2” (at least they appear the same) and my only real complaint is that the dimmer buttons are attached flimsily and pop off if you’re not careful. The Alexa integration has been very reliable, they look like Decora switches, and they have decent range.

(It would be nice if they got the insides smaller.)

The gen 2 come with wire leads, requiring either soldering or using connector caps. Having that and a large back to the switch is too tight a fit for most switch boxes. The gen 1s I have are already a fairly tight fit, and those I can hook the wires to directly like a standard switch and use less caps. That’s my big concern.

Hmm, mine are all installed but I think they used wire nuts. Yes, very deep. The Feits I picked up measure under 1 3/4 inches from the wall plate, and they have the screw terminals you like. No idea about the Wyze switches.

I’ve been waiting for the Wzye wall switch a long time.
However, it needs to be better than what is out there.
The options the wall switch should have are:
Option to turn on (like in the bathroom) when someone opens the door.
Option to set up a time schedule as the outlet plugs do.
Option to just use your hand to toggle it on & off.

So can the wall switch do dimming feature?

No it’s not a dimmer. See FAQ.
I just cancelled my order because it doesn’t dim my led spotlights.:frowning: