Please add Groups for Wyze Switch in app

I just installed a few Wyze switches and would like to see Groups added to the app.


Welcome to the community @Red21245 . I am also a community member and help when I can. I know this is not an issue, but was curious as to the following:

  • Did you get yours at Home Depot?
  • Did you take pictres you could share?
  • How was the installation?
  • How is it working?

Just curious as I am waiting for mine to come in.

Thought the story was that it wasn’t even supported or showing in the app yet?

It looks like you can add a Switch (not a Switch group) using the current production iOS 2.25.21 and Android 2.25.22 apps.

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I did get them at Home Depot. Installation was simple if you are familiar with replacing a light switch. They are working fine, no problems with the setup on the app either.


Where was the HD where you bought it, if you don’t mind my asking? I’m going in the morning to check a couple close to me here in Georgia.

I checked a Home Depot in the Milwaukee, WI area and they didn’t have them. I talked to an employee and he also didn’t know anything about them.

From the discussions I’ve read, some people have seen them on the selves. But, most have had to ask to have them taken down from a top shelf after they are looked up in the store inventory.

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I went to three HDs right around my house this morning and none had it or had the shelf spot for them. I looked at the storage space above the shelves and couldn’t see the boxes for them. I’m checking a couple more stores tomorrow before I give up and wait for Wyze to decide to ship. :crossed_fingers:

Would love this also!

Just to add on to those wondering. The switches come in boxes of 4 at Home Depot. My store also did not have a shelf space for them but there were 47 in stock. They were across the aisle in the upper overflow shelf. Interesting tidbit though. The HD app did not show them until I updated it, but the website showed them.

I also would like to see a switch group added. I had to make 2 shortcuts, one to turn on all the switches and one to turn them all off.

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Very interesting @Zorba2.0, thanks for the tidbit. I’m curious where your HD had them stocked. Were they in the area with the other smart switches, or in the area with the smart home kiosks? My HDs also have some smart home stuff on endcaps.

They were in the same aisle as the other Wyze items, next to the Ring door bells etc. Not near the Leviton/Lutron switches and other switches.

Perfect. I (website) searched for them. They’re showing at a few area Home Depots, not the 2 closest to me, but only about 15 minutes away. But they all only show singles for about $15. How does that price compare to the 4 pack? Just curious, I’m buying at least 2 singles… but I can wait on getting more if the savings is worth it.

Found it! I’m buying a couple extra jic. So happy!

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Sorry, I meant the store recieves them in boxes of 4, but individually packaged. Incase you were looking for the shipper box. Glad to see you found them!

Got it. I thought I remembered those who found them online earlier had 3-packs. Bit I could be wrong…

Dear Wyze team, can you please go ahead and coordinate with Amazon to get the Wyze switches listed so that we can create groups for Alexa voice control? Thank you!

Not Just device groups. With switches we should be able to create rooms and group multiple kinds of devices. Not just grouping devices by kind.


You probably know but Alexa is great for that sort of grouping. Google and Home Assistant probably are as well.

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Agree with the above, +1 for device groups and flexibility to mix and match devices by room.

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