Wyze Lock: Add group option for locks and lock gateways

It would be nice and quick/easy wish list item to do. Please add a grouping option for locks and lock gateways. My wyze home screen is getting cluttered.


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Can we get a new device group, but this time for door locks? I have multiple locks and gateways…would love to be able to group them as needed. My OCD is killing me seeing everything super organized and labeled properly, and then a bunch of locks and gateways.

Might be a simple addition Wyze team!!

EDIT: didn’t realize this was already proposed. I can’t imagine this would be difficult to do?


Currently you can group a number of products but not locks. Please add the ability to group locks in the app.


@CyberDude777 If I get 2 or more Wyze Locks, do I use just 1 of the plug-in gateways in a central location of the home, or will I need to plug in all the gateways and place them as close to each lock as possible? I’m also curious if I get 2 keypads, can each keypad to open any of my 2 or more Wyze locks (with a different PIN code for each lock)?

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I need this too! Actually, you might want to add user defined groups so we can have different devices in one group.

I also need sub-groups; e.g. “Living Room”, under a bulb group.

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+1 for this request. Specifically, within the Wyze app I would like to group my Wyze Locks and Lock Gateways.

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Surely this is not that hard to do! Can you please always release the Group functionality when adding new devices. I still think it would be far better to let the user define their own groups and place whatever devices they want it (e.g. Group (Basement) = (Lock+Light+Plug)).

Please can someone from Wyze get this done asap?


This is a “MUST” for your most loyal users… Do This NOW!!! I have many many Wyze devices!!!
Thanks in advance!


I will discuss with our Wyze app team! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Please add generic Groups, not based on device type. I do not want to group all of my bulbs in one Group called Bulbs, I want to group bulbs, switches and cameras into location based Groups. For example, my “Living Room” group would have 3 bulbs, 2 switches, and a camera in it.

This also negates the need for developers to keep adding specific groups (which is insane - go look at every other App on the market!). Please implement this asap - preferably in an upcoming Beta - there is no excuse for this.


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Grouping Wyze Locks & Gateways

Hi team -

I run a real estate & property management company in the Atlanta area. We are looking to equip our properties with smart technology. We have a few properties using the Smart Locks and Gateways. Can you please add the ability to group smart locks and gateways? I know this is possible for other devices, but I would like to see this implemented for locks and gateways. We like Wyze cameras, but if we’re not able to group our locks and gateways, then we will entirely move to another company and remove all of our Wyze technology.


William Sheppard
Founder & CEO Shortiv Inc.

Hi William,

Thanks so much for letting us know. Is the reason because the UI is too messy with many products? Or are you trying to do a group function at once?

I’m also happy to discuss on a call if you prefer (if so we can switch to email so our phone numbers are not public).


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I have been asking for this for years.



My company has a million dollars of Wyze equipment. Please add the obvious requirement of allowing users to define Groups into which any Wyze item can be added (e.g. Living Room Kitchen, etc). Why are regular users being ignored?


These are all great questions! We have some issues with grouping locks and gateways because groups are currently used in group Rules automation. I agree that we should have customizable rooms for any devices, though it would require a significant undertaking by our App platform team. We are still looking at how to improve the app design, and most importantly make sure a big change like that is done correctly the first time.

For organizations with hundreds or thousands of locks, I was curious about their specific pain points since I have not heard from their point of view before. I hope that answers some of your questions!

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It should of been in the App from the start imho. I have multiple apps to control devices and this feature is in all of them.

Stop spending all of your time building new things we don’t need! Fix some of your major issues - like the App and Webview (Beta? Ha-ha).

I think that Cams and maybe lighting are their top sellers. My guess is they get top priority. I’ve finally gotten around to purchasing locks, and now I want this feature. But I also want it for my multiple watches, scales, and vacuums, and cam outdoor gateways, etc.

Wyze lock group within the app

I am wanting to group all 6 of my Wyze locks into a single group, however no such group with such a label exists within the app.
Please either create such a group or allow users to customize a group name.

Edit: I see where this request dates back to 2020, what is the possible holdup Wyze?

Please add the ability to group wyze lock bolts and keypads in the app. The group does not have to function like other groups (rules and whatnot) only for organization purposes in the UI. I have 6 total lock bolts and keypads and it they just take up useful screen real-estate for no purposeful gain. It is not hard to implement a non-functional group / folder (only UI).

This would also be used for folks that have multiple homes, buildings, structures that have keypads, locks, home monitoring in each. I can’t believe this issue was started in 2020 and Wyze has dragged their feet for this long with no potential fix.