WiFi-enabled wall switch that does not require a neutral

Please develop a wireless light switch that does not require a neutral. I would rather have smart switches than smart bulbs.

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There’s an item on the wishlist for a wired smart switch but you would like a wireless one?


I don’t know if that is physically possible, unless the “smart” circuitry were battery powered.

Edit: Looks as if some of these exist but they drain a little power vampirically and use Z-Wave or another low power tech to reach a powered hub. They also don’t work well with LED bulbs?

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No matter how the operational method (wired or wireless), the device must include a neutral conductor because the light you want to control also requires a neutral. The electric circuitry for a wall mounted light switch is essentially the same as a smart plug, so it should be easy to design and manufacture.

I’d love to see a Wyze remote light switch with both the older, traditional toggle (rather than the wide pad) and a relay in it (akin to the Shelly 1 channel) that would allow the switch to be turned on both remotely and manually.

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Wall switch module (no neutral)

Please copy this device:

Simple installation, no neutral required.

I soon have to remove all the wyze bulbs and replace with Philips Hue because the wall switches are always turned off by my kids making the smart bulbs useless.

This GE looks like a much better template to follow. No hub required and a full switch replacement, works with any bulb and includes optional power sucker.

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Could you consider making a smart switch that doesn’t require a neutral wire for connection? Lots of older homes don’t have the neutral wire and it’s hard to find affordable switches that don’t require it.

[I don’t know why my post was merged with this one? I’m not asking for a wireless smart switch. I meant a WIRED smart switch that doesn’t require neutral wire.]

Wyze wall switch WITHOUT Neutral Wire

Finding a good quality at a reasonable price wall switch that doesn’t require neutral wire is nearly impossible.

The reason for that is that you need a complete circuit for most of them so that the wifi works. No neutral, no power. Without the neutral you have the power line and the load line which isn’t a complete circuit until you turn the light on and the neutral is connected through the light.

Found this online:

Option 2 – Smart Switches That Don’t Require a Neutral Wire

There are dimmable smart switches on the market that can be installed without a neutral wire. The key is the dimming feature, which turns the flow of power between the light and the switch down to a slight trickle. The flow of power is not enough to activate the light bulb, but it provides enough power to keep the switch communicating with your smart hub.

However, it is very important that you confirm that your dimmable smart switch will work with the type of light bulbs you plan to use – many will only work with outdated incandescent bulbs.


Like many here, my 1953 house with the original wiring does not have a neutral or a ground. Every outlet and light switch has only 2 wires. I am not going thru the expense of rewiring the house and swapping out the breaker box. I have a Wyze HMS with cams and a thermostat but I had to install the GE Sync smart switches because they are the only ones on the market compatible with my wiring and ecosystem. Would be nice if Wyze had a no neutral switch solution.

I have had 2 of these Chamberlain WSLCEV-P1 switches in my house for a number of years, they have a ground but do not require a neutral.

Inline image

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Nope, that’s very misleading, since they are low power and require a separate hub.

Requires a myq garage, myq internet gateway, or Wi Fi garage door opener for smartphone control

I don’t think the GEs do.

You are correct. The GE Cync switches do not require a hub which is why I chose them.

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Based on something said today, it looks like we’re getting our wish this year according the AMA per the VP of Product today when asked about this!

Smart Switch without Neutral Wiring


I am able to finally announce that a Wyze Switch that does NOT require a neutral wire is now on the #roadmap and in-development.


Outstanding! I am ready for the pre-preorder!

With a 1953 house, this is just the ticket!



Assuming it is battery operated and just charges while the light is on, I hope it’s designed to have an option to turn the light on for a minutes when the battery gets low, maybe during preferred hours (so it doesn’t do it in my bedroom while I’m sleeping). That would be awesome.