Wishlist and Sneak Peeks - Community Appreciation Day

As part of Wyze Community Appreciation Day here in the forum, I would like to talk about the Wishlist and based on the survey results this is an area the forum users really like.

As many of you may know it went through a few cosmetic changes earlier in the year and I started pushing the items to see what could be done and what phases items were actually in. Things have been getting updated accordingly and we have launched some of the items already, some successfully and some we had to hurry and adjust, I am looking at you ‘Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications’, we did run into some complications by changing the sound for everyone. We have already made adjustments to help with that and are also looking at getting you more sounds to choose from.

Some of the other items implemented that came from the Wishlist include things as simple as the filter icon in the Event View to things like unlimited bundle pricing for Cam Plus and adding additional PINs and a secondary phone number for Wyze Home Monitoring Service. Here is a small list of items that came from the Wishlist:

  • Triggers for Rules from Wyze Home Monitoring for different alarm states
  • Different alert sound for Wyze notifications
  • Service status push notifications from app
  • Disabling voice alerts on Wyze Robot Vacuum
  • Spot Cleaning on Wyze Robot Vacuum
  • Greater control over detection zone shape (Grid detection zone)
  • Support for microSD cards over 32GB
  • Ability for Canadians to purchase from Wyze directly
  • Transitioning away from FedEx Smartpost to other forms like Amazon
  • Replacement parts for many products

We also brought some products to fruition from the Wishlist over the years like the Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Light Strip, Wyze Bulb Color, and Wyze Scale. I can’t say much about what products are coming but the founders did say this year would be the year of the camera(s).
We have also heard that the app could use some more improvement, and we are working on that, we have been working on adding separate AI detection and notification options and working on the UI. Landscape mode for iPad is currently in beta testing, there are a few quirks right now but it is coming along.

Now if you have made it this far in the post you deserve something more and I have it. Dark mode is coming, I know you have heard it before and I am constantly reminded that it is needed every time I post an updated app and dark mode is not there. We are getting a lot closer and have some images of where we are internally on this. It has been a long time coming but we are getting close

While there are many great ideas on the Wishlist, we, unfortunately, cannot do them all. We do look at every single request though so keep those ideas coming.

In closing, I would like to thank all the users for helping to make this community what it is today, a very friendly and helpful place that I am grateful to be a part of. I would also like to thank the @Mods and @Mavens for the work they do to keep it all running smoothly.

For those of you who want the full list of items implemented from the Wishlist, here it is in all its beauty:


WOW, that is a HUGE list of granted wishes!!! :tada:

I never realized just how many wishes have been granted! That’s crazy!

And I have definitely loved the interaction and updates the wishlist has been getting lately, it was definitely needed. I know Wyze has been looking at the wishlist in the background (and that is very apparent now with that massive list of implemented wishes), but with the new updates and comments from Wyze staff it definitely helps show that Wyze really does listen. Love it!


Those little previews look awesome!

Thanks Jason for the post and thanks to everyone who was involved for the AMA and other events today!


I am hoping we can get more details maybe from the AMA today on how “close” is close.
The mock up below looks really nice BUT it is a mock up, and not actual images from the dark mode enabled app, when you look at the details.

That Front Porch sure looks like a Living Room :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and is the a very unorthodox placement for a Front Door camera or is this a sneak peak of a new camera for 2023 The Year of The Camera? :innocent:


Cam pointed at a trompe l’oeil of the Living Room sitting on the Front Porch? :wink:


Yay for dark mode. :clap: :clap: :clap:

I wish my front porch was that nice. :laughing:


We just pressure washed ours yesterday. Never gonna look better than it does right now. But not like that. :grin:

Yay also from me, and barti, they’d have to be mad not to deliver quickly after a tease like this, eh? :crazy_face:


Definitely lovin’ the dark mode!!!


Dark mode looks excellent and for all the complaining that’s happened over the years about the contrast between the white and the teal, I think the teal will really stand out against the dark mode. That is excellent!!!


These are mockups but I have seen the actual images. It was also revealed in the AMA that they are aiming to begin releasing dark mode in 2.43


While you all seem to love dark mode, and are not hesitant to say so, I must assume that something is wrong with me or my eyes, because I don’t like dark mode.

Fortunately, in the programs that I use every day on my computer, dark or light mode is still my own choice to make, and not something I must endure based on someone else’s opinion of what I must use.

I’m not saying that dark mode stinks, and that light mode rules, but that we each have our own personal preference for what works best for each of us, for whatever reason. So I hope it is an option that I can choose either light or dark mode, or that it follows what I have selected in my phone’s settings, and not something forced upon me, one way or the other.

I guess whatever fate the universe decides, either light mode or dark mode, then at least we won’t have mixed UI modes in the Wyze app, where the UI of some Wyze products only use dark mode, and others only use light mode.


So it’s not just me? The fact that several of the devices default to dark mode (Hello, I’m talking about you Thermostat and Vacuum) only to go to light mode in the settings drives me bananas!

I have Nyctalopia. Low light conditions make it impossible to focus. The transition between bright to dark requires my eyes to do a complete factory reboot to focus and see the screen. The brighter the better! All the time.


I don’t like light mode. For the past 8 months , my eyes have become super sensitive, my phones display is set to dark mode , all of my apps are set to dark mode, whenever I am outside I wear sunglasses. When I’m in my house , I set my phone to night mode where the screen will get warm and not strain my eyes

Something must be wrong with my eyes because I don’t like the light, they have become very sensitive. I for one can’t wait to have dark mode ! I’m sure the wyze app like every other app will give you an option to use light or dark mode.

And as for the nyctalopia @SlabSlayer , im the opposite. I suffer from Hemeralopia😂



But do you like garlic?


That’s because you’re a creature of the night like me

Edit: @SlabSlayer beat me to it :rofl:


Yes, I believe my Hemeralopia is a result of me going on 2 years of working nights. The sun and any light is practically my enemy.


Prior to this job here at Wyze, I worked nights for 20 of the prior 25 years, I know all about the sun being an enemy.


Jason still struggles not to be a nightowl :joy: We just don’t tell Gwendolyn on him when he sneaks in.


NOW! Make a power cable longer than 6 feet for the PanCam v3 or sell a short adapter that fits it.
The idea of not making that available is crazy.
It’s on the wish list! Now wyze wizards, make it happen! Priority #1

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Would this help with that?