Landscape View For Tablets

Let’s hope not

I appreciate you thinking of me! I hadn’t seen the May 1st update in this thread from @peepeep until now. Hoping that this becomes a reality soon!

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I just tested the Beta v2.42.0 (b283) on Android 12 tablet and the rotation is still off by 90 degree.

This is still not fix in the beta (watch the video in first post):

Landscape becomes Portrait mode and vis versa when “Auto-Rotate” is On (in multi-camera live view).

Other apps are respecting the orientation. The issue seems specific to wyze app. Please help fix it…

Todays beta update did the same thing to my iPad

For those who don’t use Reddit, here is a courtesy copy of what Wyze told us about Landscape mode in the AMA this week:

And of course, Jason told us the following this week:


Thanks so much for posting this! Even though I couldn’t attend the AMA, I’m so pleased that my question/concern (“App-wide Landscape support for tablets, …”) was directly addressed. I haven’t run 2.42 Beta but am very much looking forward to the released version. Thanks again.

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Hi Wyze. I took a new video of the issue.

This is on Beta v2.42.0 (b288)
Android 12 - 10" tablet

Also repros on the latest released app. For comparison, I was using TinyCam.


Maybe give us an advance option to +90/180/270 degree rotation to apply on top of the device sensor in the settings?

That is because so far we have only started to get this rolling out to iPad users on the 2.42 beta.


Thanks! Glad to see this feature request getting looked at!


I am testing the beta on my iPad Pro. So far your App still a bust. I still have to flip back and forth between portrait and landscape. I was so hoping to that app version would work and begin buying more of your cameras. So for now I’m saving my money. Which means less sales for Wyze.

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Please fix landscape mode on the iPad, so the view is more centered on the display, instead of showing a blank area on top of the video feed. I noticed this only happens when in live view, when watching a recorded video it’s in the center of the display with back bars above and below it.

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Well they have made some progress - at least the home screen is in landscape now. But I would rather have had event review in landscape first (EDIT - I do see event review is now landscape as well, although not always).

It is however maddening how much screen space is wasted in event review on iPad Pro and the tiny thumbnail previews are effectively useless.


I too am an iPad Pro user. Testing the beta and I am not impressed. Wyze should havec done better from day 1.

Hey now, they only 4 years to work on it!!!

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Agree. Event list is still in portrait but events themselves play in landscape, but … only cover about 2/3 of the width of my iPad screen while playing. Tons of wasted space to the right.

Why is this not fixed yet? It’s been a month already!

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you must display patience grasshopper it only took five years to get it on the iPad at all


I second that…


I use my iPad with a keyboard and it’s in landscape mode 99% of the time. Please program your apps to make that possible.

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