I'm done with Wyze

I see there are 2 new products - box for sprinkler and led strip lights.

The only wyze products that work flawsly for me is the fitness band and the scale. I have no faith that the sprinkler system will work flawlessly. But the biggest issue for me is that the (iOS) app does NOT allow landscape viewing. Too much of a hassle the flip the iPad portrait to landscape and back. More of a nuisance with ipad connected to a keyboard.

So - I’ll be saving my money. Too bad as in need of out door cameras.

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I may have been the first to raise the issue re: app-wide Landscape support for my iPad over 2.5 years ago. I did so because I have a physical disability that makes it very difficult for me to pick up and rotate my iPad 90° just to view the Home screen thumbnails. I’m not only disappointed that this hasn’t been done yet, but astonished quite frankly. @WyzeDave or @WyzeGwendolyn … if you happen to see this thread, please give the masses an update re: when (or if) this request will be completed. Thanks from one of your very first customers.

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Probably better to discuss and Vote for it in the wishlist item below, rather than in this thread (better visibility by Wyze):



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I done with Wyze too, sort of…

I have 24 cameras and really don’t need anymore, 2 of them I still haven’t decided where to place on property yet.

I knew when I bough the last 2 that I had a serious Wyze-aholic problem, since joining Wyze Anonymous I think I can stay off this addiction and be happy with the ones I have now…LOL

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