Wishlist and Sneak Peeks - Community Appreciation Day

Not what I’m referring too. It’s the 90 degree end that only fits the PanCam v3.
Hmmm, did a quick Google search and found this.

But there was alot of discussion about length, is this too long?

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The extension cable I linked connects to the USB-A end of the Pan-V3 cable, so the 90 degree end isn’t an issue.

Regarding the 9m cable, it would depend on the gauge of the wires. With long wire runs, voltage drops. The amount of drop is a function of current and wire gauge. Hard to say without knowing the wire gauge on that cable.


I work with the application development side of a Fortune 5 company and am beyond impressed with the transparency and customer partnership Wyze demonstrates. This glimpse into your roadmap and candidates for future enhancements is amazing. Bravo! :clap:


The whole drama about the PanCam v3 cord they sent with it was, it was difficult to adapt to an existing power supply. No body wants to run a new cable when they could just plug a pre-made six inch adapter to the already existing setup.
I bought the outdoor power adapter with the six in adapter and boom! My problem was solved. Although the outdoor power supply was 16$
It solved my issue, and I have another power supply if needed for a camera that plugs in the back like a v2 or something.
Just make a new six inch 90 degree adapter and offer it to the wyze world.
It would make life easier for people, and you’d have another item to sell. Problem solved.

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There you go!


Now, with the release of the 6" 90° pigtail, users can power the cam any way they like:

  1. Shipped Cord w\ USB-A extension cable (Wyze linked above or an aftermarket) of desired length. I have one cam powered this way with a 20ft USB-A cable.

  2. Shipped Cord w\ F USB-A to F microUSB adapter (aftermarket) and a microUSB extension cable (aftermarket) of desired length. I have two cams powered this way on 20ft microUSB extension.

  3. 6" 90° microUSB Pigtail w\ a microUSB extension cable (aftermarket) of desired length.


Do you have a link for the site that was selling the 30ft extension w\ the 90° microUSB plug?

My biggest concern wouldn’t be the length and power loss, although that is important to consider. It is the seal of the plug in the port on the cam. I have mine mounted upside down and water intrusion would be an issue if the plug were not of the exact dimensions required to compress the o-ring in the well.

Ironically not anymore!

I have eye comfort shield turned on , on my phone but that’s still not warm enough! I had to turn on extra dim and set it to the lowest it could go. I had to switch to an android phone to force dark mode on the wyze app bevause the iphone app was blinding me!!!

I don’t think you and I @SlabSlayer would be able to use each other’s phones! Mine would be so dim that you wouldnt be able to see anything and your phone would be so bright it would end up blinding me :joy:

I think I must’ve gotten bitten by a bat

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I’m sorry, I do not. I just did a Google search and it popped up. If I remember correctly, it was Amazon.

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Now that’s what I’m talking about.

My wishlist item did not come to fruition: Wyze Lamp Socket that supports 120V-240V.
It’s okay.