Wyze Scale S only display in Kg after update

After I did a firmware update this morning, my Wyze Scale S only displays in Kg even after checking the app where it remains selected as lbs.

Any ideas what I can do?


Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then signing out and back into the app. Also force close the app.

See if it displays in lbs now, and check the toggle.


Interesting, I was about to post that my Scale X kept displaying Kg on and off for the last few weeks when I step on it. I can force it to show up in lbs again if I step off and step back on a few times, or go into the app and toggle the setting from lbs to kg and then back to lbs while it’s connected, but then every few days it will switch back to showing kg again on the scale (not in the app, the app still shows in lbs). Like I said, my scale has been doing this for a few weeks now.

I have trouble believing the app update is responsible since the app still shows in lbs, but the scale sometimes shows in kg even though there hasn’t been a firmware update or change in forever. Maybe it is the app though. Maybe something is not working right with the settings in the last couple of apps. It’s also weird that it is happening to you on the Scale S and me on the Scale X.

Has anyone else noticed their scale displaying kg sometimes instead of lbs recently? It’s a weird coincidence that there are 2 of us on different scales and that it just started for us in the last couple of weeks or so.


Did that & toggled the app UNITS setting from lb > kg > lb & it did change the display on the scale…but then it flipped back to kg on the scale display a few moments later.
The app stills shows lb in the settings though.

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Yep this is what happened this morning almost right after I got the Scale S to turn back to lb.
It flipped back to kg on the scale display a few moments later.

On the app, it will register lbs as I am taking a measurement but the scale display will show kg simultaneously.


Yeah, weird that we are using different model scales and experiencing the same bug. It must be something with the new app causing it or the server or something. IDK. Will you submit a log for your scale and post it here? I will see if I can send your log and my log to someone to look at.

Just to be clear, a log is not a support ticket, and nobody will be responding it directly. It will just be collecting information from our scales so a dev can look into it. We may not get a response back since it’s not a support ticket, but if you’d like to open a support ticket, you can contact support about it. If you do contact support, maybe submit the log for the scale first though so you can give it to them to pass on. If you do that, you are more likely to get a response back eventually. If you do, let me know. I plan to just ask an employee to pass the logs on to the devs and hope they figure out what is going on whether they respond to me or not. Support could possibly have more info though if other people have called in about this. It is too much of a coincidence for us to be the only 2 people having this start around the same time though. Very weird.


Let me figure out how to get a log first.
Then proceed after that.

Ok - logID 887746.
That’s the only thing I see but no details beyond that.

Thanks I’m passing this on to some people along with my log of 889650.

My scale now seems stuck on kg like yours. Before I could step on and off a few times and it would eventually show lbs instead, but now it has stopped doing that and seems totally stuck on kg. Like you, I can switch the settings back and forth and it will temporarily show lbs again, but it soon switches right back to being stuck on kg. Very weird!

If I hear anything back, I will let you know, but we may or may not hear a direct response, I can only tell you that I’m going to pass it on since I can verify this isn’t an isolated incident.

Just tested my scale S and it shows pounds on the screen

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Mine has been fixed and working in lbs consistently for at least a week and a half now. I think this might be fixed.

@username258 is yours working correctly now too?

I have reported this issue in this month’s Fix-it-Friday thread. If this issue is still affecting you, I would recommend voting for it so that Wyze can see it is not an isolated issue:


Yes thank you for following up. It reverted to lbs about 2 weeks after I asked here.

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Same problem

My scale has been showing KG for about a week. I see people saying that their scales have gone back LBS. How did they accomplish that?

We took the batteries out of the scale & the scale reverted back to lbs.

Same problem.

Update. Took the batteries out and it did go back to pounds. My wife used it OK. I then stepped on it and it was back to kg. I went into settings and cycled between the setting of lbs to kg and back to lbs and scale is now showing pounds. The scale has worked correctly for over a year until now.

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Wyze responded about this issue:

For anyone currently seeing KG, try that solution and if it doesn’t fix it, please let us know. Mine is currently working, but if/when it switches to KG again I will try this.


Worked once and then switched back to kg.

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Once I removed the batteries for about 10 seconds and then reload, I have not experienced any additional issues.

Mine still reverts back to kgs even after resetting cache and taking batteries out. It only switches back to kgs when I have the app connected. Without the app it stays on lbs.

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