Weight scale measure units

Hello, should I change measurements units from lbs to kgs on weight scale?THX

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Take a look here for instructions:

Ehm, you mean how to do it? Because you can use the one that’s more comfortable for you. For me, using it with kilograms is much more comfortable and easier. However, it took me a while to actually understand how to change the damn units from lbs to kilograms. I always hated the lbs unit, as it’s much more different. I used to live in Italy, that’s why I prefer kilograms. Even my wife’s bathroom scale is on kilograms. Though she has lived her entire life in New York, she has always used kilograms.

Did the menu structure change? Because there is no “units” section in the settings. Which is weird…

The menu structure is the same… Wyze app Home > your Scale > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Units

Original Wyze Scale:

Wyze Scale S:

Wyze Scale X:

Thank you for your reply but it looks like the problem is about user profiles.

My girlfriend was the first one who added the scale to her app. Then I added the scale to my app later.

She can change the units for both uf us but I can’t.
There is no “units” section for me.

She wants to use it in Kg and I want it in Lbs.
Looks like it’s not possible.

Shared users cannot change unit, only scale owner account:


So, I have the owner account, I changed the units to KG, that’s awesome! But why still shared users seeing LBS? This is not acceptable and possibly reason for returning this.


What is going on Wyze ? metric system is universal in 2023.
I set the main account to KG but even like that the shared users are still in lbs??? and the scale as standalone goes back to Lbs also when the used it.

I was on the way to through the scale to the bin just for that, it makes absolute no sense. I never used pounds and will never do it.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the shared users set up their units or at least follow the main users UNITS. KG for everybody if the main is KG thanks.


I totally agree with other comments. It is a non-sense to have this option only for the primary user. My wife is the secondary user and LBS is not an option for her…

At least you could be able to set the unit for all the users. Have you ever purchase a scale where only one user can have KG instead of LBS? Even the most basic scale have the option to change the units… There is reason why.

The Product Team should take a look at this very simple feature which should come with every scale…

Same problem here.

  • My iPhone is the primary account. Units set to kilograms.
  • My partner’s iPhone is the shared account. Units are set to pounds.

The primary account should determine the units used for both users!

Please move this topic to the Wishlist category so that it moves towards the developer’s todo list.

I talked to the support team last year and the supervisor escalated the issue to the dev team as “high priority”. After months of updates the problem is still there even if it would take a minute to fix this bug.
Conclusion, the Wyze support team is BS or the dev team don’t give a heck… or both.
I’m really disapointed because I spent some time to address this problem to the right place and we’re just disregarded.
Prime function for a scale is to give weight, how do I know my weight in kg if it’s in units we never use. It makes no sense.

chated with wyze support today regarding the same issue, not helpful at all, and they appear to have no interests in fixing this. I have to return the [Mod Edit]

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For whatever it’s worth, there is a Wishlist topic devoted to this, and it could certainly use more votes:

Can this issue be fixed? Have the same problem