Kilograms or Pounds for each Scale user

Add a feature to use separate weight measurements for individual uses. I use pounds for weight, my wife is accustomed to kilograms.

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Primary account can change settings from imperial to metric, but invited/shared/secondary accounts/users cannot change settings from lbs to kg.

Need a system wide imperial vs metric setting that all devices adheres too

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Currently the secondary user on a Wyze Scale X scale does not have the option to change units. If the main user selected metric, but you as a secondary user have imperial, you are basically stuck. Can you please add this option?


Yeah totally it makes no sense to have all shared users assigned to Lbs even with the main user in Kg. All users should be able to switch between both units or at least assign the unit of the Main user to the shared users. Father weights in Kg and kids in lbs??? I don’t even know what my weight is in pounds.
It’s like being able to select the primary language of the App in French for the main user but all shared user have Mandarin or Indian mandatory :slight_smile: Please Wize team, fix this issue asap. thanks


Dear Wyze Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to request a potential update for the Wyze Scale X application. My partner and I share a Wyze Scale X, and we’ve encountered a slight issue related to measurement units.

While I, the primary user, am able to see and modify the weight measurement unit from lbs to kgs in my app, it appears that this feature is not readily available in the app for my partner. Despite my settings being in kilograms, my partner’s app still displays the weight measurements in pounds. We’re unsure if this discrepancy is intended.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could enable an option in the app for shared users to independently select their preferred weight measurement unit, ensuring a more personalized user experience.

Thank you for considering our suggestion, and we’re excited to continue using Wyze products.


This doesn’t make sense at all.
At least make it so secondary users follow the primary users setting.
Where we live most people measure in kg.

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+1, can this be fixed please?

Even if dynamically adjusting the number at the scale is challenging (as it depends on user detection), changing it at the app level for each person seem like a pretty trivial feature to implement?

Wyze team, if you give me access to your code base I’m happy to implement this for you.

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This is a joke right? How can this still be an issue?
How can you call this a „smart“ scale if it can even set the units per user.


+1. Really annoying, please fix asap.

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same issue here, it is very annoying and I may have to return it if no solution can be found.

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It an obvious flaw that also affects us since we both want to use metric measures. It should be simple and quick to correct.


+1 This is just what I was looking for. It’s really weird that this is not an option, just crazy.

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I don’t even use the metric system routinely (though I believe we in the United States really should adopt this standard), and I’m voting for this. I agree with other comments here that this seems kind of like a “duh” for a smart scale, and I imagine that not including this feature is merely a lack of forethought that could be corrected via app and firmware updates.


Almost the same for me. My scale is configured to kg. I shared with my wife but for her it appears in lb and it is not possible to change. She needed to sync with fitbit to see in kg there.

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Can the unit setting be applied to all users please? I live in Europe and its shame that only primary user can switch to kg…

Please fix this bug!

Welcome to the Forum, @jelmerdz!

Please be aware that you posted in a Wishlist topic. The Wishlist is explained in detail here:

While I can understand your emphatic sentiment about the issue—as do at least some others here in the community, I’m sure—Wyze apparently does not consider this to be a bug, so this Wishlist topic exists as an opportunity to express your desire to see this feature implemented. If you haven’t already done so, please scroll to the top of this topic and click the Vote button to add your vote and then take a moment to comment about your use case or elaborate on why such a feature is important to you.

Ofcourse it is a bug.

You state in your specifications that metric system is supported.

It should have said: metric system support for one user only. The rest are obliged to use lbs.

I can’t believe such an obvious flaw, relatively simple to fix is not being addressed.