My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

Mine worked fine the first couple of weeks but just recently it’s forever disconnecting from the wifi

If you want to join the fun of getting that fixed, you can submit a log every time you have to power cycle to reconnect and give them the log numbers in this thread:

You should also submit a support ticket with the MAC address of any applicable Pan V3s you have and say it’s for the reconnect problem.

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I bought one but it stops working after a few hours. reconnecting fixes it for about a day.

I figured out why my camera kept disconnecting and acting strange. After spending a day trying to find the problem, I discovered it was because of low voltage. If you’re using a cable longer than 10 feet, you should check the voltage to ensure it’s at least 5V. Longer cables create resistance and can lower the voltage below 5V, causing the camera to malfunction. The best way to test this is by using the original cable. If the camera works fine with it, then the issue is likely due to the cable being too long.