Camera offline with some strenght in the signal

I have a camera pan v3 and it’s connected to a google wifi router.
The strengh is medium where the camera is placed

Bu I can’t make the camera stay online, it’s always offline, I can’t make it work.

This has been a recurring topic here in the forum with the Pan V3. Make sure you are using the supplied power adapter and cord. If you are using an extension, make sure it isn’t degrading the power going to the cam.

Many users have found that power cycling the cams on a schedule once every 24 hours or so to refresh their IP and Login with the router helps to keep them online. This requires a smart plug with schedule capability or Smart Assistant integration compatibility.

I’ll try that and talk again if there any changes, thanks

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Here we go again. No need to power cycle! You just need to stream using something else that will keep trying. The Wyze official stuff just doesn’t keep trying.

I use Alexa routines and Wyze Alexa plugin. Always comes back up without any involving anything else!

The solution was the power adapter, is there an especification of the power adapter, because I changed it so i didn’t have to use a plug adapter to brazil.

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Pan V3 power adapter is 5V 2A (2000mA) supplied to Cam.