My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

How is the camera being powered? what power brick, what cable, etc?

Wyze power block

what is the power output listed on the brick? And i also asked earlier, what cable are you using?

The camera is on and tracks movement. Just will not stay connected to wifi

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Cable that came with camera, power block .5v

I am experiencing the same issue with my pan cam v3. It has been working since July of this year, but several days ago, it starts disconnecting, and I have not changed anything on my network.

I have around 50 IoT devices and everything is working fine, including all my other Wyze v3 and v2, bulbs and locks - except for the pan cam and it’s getting frustrating, since we use it to check the school bus so that my daughter will not have to stand outside.

If I disconnect the power and reconnect it, the pan cam will reconnect to the wifi, but will disconnect eventually and there is no set time. It can disconnect after 10 minutes, after and hour, or after four hours. I even bought a smart outdoor plug so that I do not have to go out and unplug it just for the camera to work again.

The camera seems to work as it moves and tracks as I pass by. And it seems that it also records (24x7) on the SD card. it’s just the Wi-Fi connection is the issue. I am also using the included cable and power brick.

The pan cam v3 is just roughly 12 feet away from the nearest access point. And just to be sure, I rebooted all my network equipment and IoT devices, but the issue is still there.



I am having the same problem.

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My camera does the exact same thing. I am very frustrated as none of the other cameras have this problem.

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This is happening to me, too. I currently have two V1 cams, two V3 cams, and just today installed two Pan V3 cams. The pan cameras constantly disconnect. There are no networking issues. One camera is three feet from the primary router, and the other is six feet from a mesh node (same SSID, automatic switching).

The regular cameras stay connected, but the Pan cameras constantly disconnect. It is not a signal strength/quality issue. I don’t know if it’s a firmware problem or what, but it’s not just “it needs a better signal.”


I am having the exact same issue! I work in IT and 100% am certain it’s nothing wrong with my network, I have dozens of other devices wifi connected that never lose connection once.

My pan v3 is 5 feet from the router also.


It must be due to an update


My v3 pan cam has recently been going offline…

Been working 3 months without an issue then suddenly went offline. Power cycle and was fine for a week…power cycle then 4 days…now I have to power cycle it every day. Changed out the AC connector with no positive results.

At first it was code.nintu something now it’s saying network issue…the router is literally 10 feet away and ALL my other wyze cams a lot further out have no issues

I’m really getting irritated with this. Gonna try swapping out the cord this weekend and see if that fixes it


We need some sort of update to this. I’ve got two weeks left to return these cameras, and at this rate I’m going to. My two Pan V3 cameras are currently offline, again, while the rest are fine. Like I said before, they’re mere feet from the router.

This is unacceptable.


You’re not alone:

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Status update from me, Mine eventually came back online with no action. So strange…

I don’t know if mine would eventually come back, because after waiting hours I can’t afford to have the camera down. I have these to monitor my grandma in case she falls or gets hurt, and I can’t afford to have hours of random downtime.

Can you provide the following:

  • App Version you are using
  • Firmware of the Pan Cam V3
  • Do you have an SD Card in the camera

Based on your post, it looks like you are power cycling the camera. However, if you have not, can you try the following:

  • From the app, clear Cache. This is under Account > App Setting > Cache File Size select Clear.
  • Optional: Format the SD Card if you have one in it
  • Since you have an Android: Close the App down, Long Press the App and select App Info. Then do a Force Stop followed by going to Storage and Cache, clear Cache here as well. Restart your Phone or streaming device.

Try to connect and see if that helps.

One additional thing you can try is to setup the camera again. You don’t need to remove the camera from your app. When you go through the setup, you will put your SSID and Password in and it will reestablish the network connection.

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Ill try clearing cache but this shows on all 3 different devices of mine (2 cell phones and a tablet)

Cant find the version app on my devices but the App store verifies updated on Set 12, 2023
Pan Cam V3 version
Yes I have a Wyze SDCard in it and reformatted the 2nd time it went offline just in case. The 3rd time it went offline, I swapped SDCards with a V2 Pan cam and reformatted both after switching. The V2 Cam is still going just fine.

I fail to see what the app has anything to do as It affects my wife’s phone and my Tablet…cycle power and everything works until next time. RIght now it says Connection Timed Out. Last night when it did this I cycled my Router just in case.

I have 2 V3 Cams, 2 V2 Pan Cams and 1 V1 Cam ALL still working flawlessly. ONLY the V3 Pan Cam (that is also closest to the router) is having this issue,

Have you tried setting it up again without removing from the App?