My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

Not derailing, trying to get more context into your connection issue. Have you moved the camera around to different spots in the house to see if that effects your camera negatively or positively? Lots of variables at play here.

Id also recommend contacting Support for your issue, as they are the official contact for support for Wyze products.

Here is their contact info:

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To expand on this, I’ve got 4 Pan V3 and they all suffer from chronic poor wireless performance or rather connectivity issues. All are about 15-20ft from the access point, This is on Eero mesh setup. I might try to setup a more generic wireless network strictly for 2.4ghz camera’s. At this very moment I have taken all but 1 node offline to try to eliminate variables, been running it this way for a few days after rebooting everything. However, still seeing issues, but I am not convinced it is just wireless signal strength even tho the Pan V3’s do seem to not get great reception. There seems to be issues possibly in the firmware/software. Just to note, I have other brands of cameras that do not have any issues. And when I say these are 15-20ft from the access point, that is being generous. This property is very forgiving with wireless transmission too. There’s no issues with penetration through walls or other ancillary things that could typically create problems.


I don’t think this has anything to do with wireless connection. I tested the first one I bought out 500 ft and it connected. When I put it on my back porch 20 ft from the router it had no connection problems. It just went offline every day or so and had to be power cycled. The 4th time it did it a power cycle wouldn’t bring it back online so I returned it. It may have come back to life with a full reset but I’m not going to jump through that hoop.

The second one I have on the front porch and it was doing the same thing. I plugged it into a timer that is set to turn off for 15 minutes every night. So far it has stayed online since then but you shouldn’t have to do that.

We use to have a similar problem with wireless internet switches at work but they were never as finicky as these V3 cameras have been.

My modem has to be power cycled every now and then to get it’s speed back to normal. This hasn’t had any effect on the cameras. As soon as that connection is restored the cameras can be accessed. That hasn’t resulted in the cameras going offline.

I haven’t tested in a while but none of these cameras should rely on an internet connection as long as the local network is okay. You only have to have internet for cloud recording.

I have 5 wifi cameras of another brand that have not had to be power cycled ever in 5 years time.

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My pan V3 was going offline every few days. Would unplug and it would come back on for a few days Then It was I needed to reset the camera, that was me removing from the roof and doing a total reset. All of these included the code 60. I have a Deco mesh system and the camera is about 10 feet from the router on the roof… Contacted Wyze they sent me a replacement I have had it in stalled for three days and two of the days I had to unplug and that got it going. Each of these come with a code 27. Now todayI see a firmware update hoping this might fix this issue :slight_smile:

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I recently put up four Pan V3s. Updated to latest firmware. Two cameras connected to aTP-Link EAP 225. Line of sight, ten feet away, no intervening walls. Hell, you can see the AP on the camera. Two more connected to TP-Link EAP 115s not more than 20 feet away. Running clients on the latest version of iOS, and iPadOS.

They all drop offline every day. Get a message “please connect your mobile device to another network”. Error 27. Thing is, the network is fine. Everything else works fine, including Wyze V2 and V3 cameras.

I am thinking that there is some kind of memory leak in these units. They work fine for several hours, then drop offline. Brilliant cameras while they work, that’s why I am giving WYZE till the end of the month to push through a firmware update that fixes this. Otherwise, I am asking for a refund.


Same Issue here, new Pan v3, placed in the very same spot of my old pan V2 that I wanted to replace (v2 has never had any kind of connectivity issues)

This new pan v3 will go into a auto spin mode with the blue led blinking until I remove power and power again, any setting that I change will send the camera into this spin and blue led blink mode, if no settings are changed the camera will work for a while then go into the pin and blue led blink mode

While on the pin and blue led blink mode I cannot connect to the cameras by ios or android apps

Im running the latest firmware and have a freshly formatted (by the v3 pan camera itself) SD card (this card was working on the v2 pan with out issues)


Decided to run a little experiment. Based on a hunch that there may be a memory leak that is causing the camera to run out of resources, or heat from the pan motor, I have started to preemptively reboot three out of the four cameras roughly every 12 hours. Also, on those camera’s I have turned down the pan speed and the motion sensitivity. On the fourth camera, I have turned of panning.

I started this regime this morning at 8am. And as of 10:30pm, none of the cameras have dropped offline. The camera that is static hasn’t been rebooted and that’s not dropped off either.

Hardly scientific I know, but rebooting them is easier than climbing up a ladder.

maybe some other owners can try some of these tricks and report back.


I have always done a full power cycle via a Smart Plug on every PanV3 (and every Wyze Cam I own) nightly on a rolling schedule. Never experienced offline issues.

But, I think you are in the right track. You may be on to something. Would need either a baseline cam with no mods or a comparative of behavior with restarts and without on the same cam over time.


Well I know it’s more voodoo but I have this bulb camera I bought recently to test as it supported onvif/rtsp. It isn’t even turned on most of the time. But the other night I turned it on and noticed all the pan v3 cameras were staying up. I turn it off and I start having drop outs. Turn it back on and I seem to be able to connect fine. This also allowed me to turn on the docker bridge. Which btw, I have noticed that the Pan V3 default to HD180 which is meant for 2k resolution. It should be HD120. In the logs its not losing wireless connection, but it’s dropping the stream and having frame size issues. Now that may purely be some issue with the bridge, but it seems to correlate with the other issues. As of right now, all my Pan V3 have stayed up…if I leave this Bulb cam on. Now why would that be? Some sort of port/routing issue with the PAN V3 where as this Bulb seems to keep the port open? This is why I hate this Eero setup, I am not use to having little control. Need to setup some stuff to capture what is happening but just haven’t had time.


I read all of the comments on this post. Let me add another piece of info which may or may not be useful. I have quite a few wyze cams (50+) and have had a lot of experience. I am having the same issue with going offline.
Let me add one more piece of information to this thread. I am using a USB extension to be able to power the camera further away. With a 50 ft extension, even in the house next to the router, I cannot set up the camera successfully, but if I set it up without the extension and then connect it on the extension it works… until it starts to pan, which sooner or later will cause the camera to lose the wifi connection and then needs to be power cycled. I tried with shorter extensions and finally settled on POE (power over ethernet with a 25 ft cat 5 cable). This was much more stable but not perfect.
I am not contesting the fact that I shouldn’t be using an extension, but from my observations it seems that it’s a power issue not a wifi issue.
It seems as if when the camera is using power to pan/track, it might cause it to lose the internet connection and the software for some reason is not able to reconnect even if the camera is fully powered.
Until I read this thread, I thought the cause was due to using a USB extension, but reading this thread, it seems it might actually be a more general problem.
BTW I have used USB extensions (50’) for quite a lot of wyze v2’s (non-pan) without EVER having this problem.
I think Wyze software should be able to recover and reconnect without having to recycle power.
Wyze, are you addressing this issue?


That is useful information! @newshound tested power loss in select USB Extensions and found that it can be quite significant under load. I think the siren and motors are the two biggest draws. It seems as though the WiFi radio and\or the antaenna are the first to suffer when the voltage drops. The PanV3 appears to have a much lower tolerance for power fluctuations than the other cams.


thanks so much for the link to that post! Excellent information.

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Another day the Pan V3’s stayed online all day more or less, only noticed 1 time…these Pan seem to be severely effected if I use my microwave. But that’s not what I wanted to say even tho it may be the result of an underlying issue.

I thought more about this and remembered I had turned down the motor speed and sensitivity, just before the whole ordeal with the bulb cam which was just an anomaly I had noticed. Now having went back and tested, turning the motor and sensitivity back up resulted in cameras dropping out. Turned them back down and it seems to be able to regulate itself better.

Which reminded me of when I watched the tear down of the Pan V3. They pointed out that it seemed they were using an odd chip to possibly power the motors. I’ve not dug into this at all yet. But it could be worth looking more into. And if I had to guess regardless of what this chip is, this issue does seem to be power related.


Update: In the month since I have started rebooting my cameras every 12 hours, they have never dropped off my WiFi.

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To fix the offline issue error 90, error 27 or connection failed just put your camera on either a smart plug or a timer plug set it to go off every day for a few minutes and then back on. I have my two Pan Cam 3’s on the timer plug for about a month now without connection issue’s. It’s a lot easier the have to manually doing it every day.

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…or, they could just fix the f’n firmware.
Many of us that are using the cameras outdoors have them plugged into Edison to USB adapters that are controlled by a simple wall switch. To automate a power cycle I’d have to purchase several smart wall switches and put them on my network. So essentially I’d have a hundred-plus dollar solution to a $39 problem. Unacceptable. Wyze either needs to fix the problem or recall and refund the defective products.


Yeah, it’s ridiculous after we found a work around for them that they can’t figure a way to program a fix or own up to a hardware failure.

The only reason I thought to try the timer is because I had one not in use.

I originally intended to power this unit with a solar charged 12V battery and 5V converter. (also items I already have) Instead I am confined to using it off a wall socket with the timer.

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For outdoor use I use the wireless Genni Hawk3 cameras, they have work flawlessly for over a year. I use my Wyze pan cam 3’s cameras indoors at windows looking out were I have outside lights. They are the last Wyze products I will ever buy because they all have been nothing but trouble and always flawed with lousy customer supper and lousy tech support.

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I had this same problem with a V3 at my father-in-laws house. It would frequently go offline, or “forget” the wifi settings entirely - start yelling “ready to pair” at 3am!

Like your setup, it was not far from the router with WiFi. I was growing suspcious of the WiFi quality in that location. What really convinced me was I bought him an Alexa mini device for the kitchen - right beside where the camera is, and closer to the router.

The Alexa could “see” the wifi network, but could never join it.

After a day of futile attempts, I broke down. Went to the store, bought a modern router with multiple WiFi transcievers. Had to SPLIT the 5GHz and 2.4 Ghz. These devices refuse to work on 5GHz.

And now the camera never goes offline or starts yelling to pair at 3 am! And the Alexa box works fine too.

So it was absolutely some weird radio signal problem. Maybe metal in the walls or floor? Its a pretty old house, I would not be surprised there is lead mixed into the cement or plaster.

I’m hoping the new firmware from yesterday fixes the problem.