Doorbell V2 / Camera and door ring not working in Alexa

I had the doorbell v2 connect to an echo it was working great. When ever someone rang the doorbell it would show a video of the doorbell with a ring to let us know someone was at the door. It stopped working. Nothing happens at all on the echo. I checked the echo/alexa app and the device is there with all the correct settings enabled

What happened? An update broke this?
Anyone having this issue?
I deleted the doorbell from Alexa and added it back but no luck

If you didn’t change anything recently on your end, then I wonder if this experience is related to what @fmills1d described in another recent topic. In that one, the consensus seems to be that there was a glitch somewhere in AWS. You didn’t indicate the timing of your issue, so I wonder if this is part of that glitch and if it’ll eventually resolve on the server end. The most recent firmware update for the Video Doorbell v2 that I’m aware of is from 13 May 2024, but I’m still on January’s firmware because of other reported issues.

I noticed the issues about 2 days ago when a friend of the family came over and was ringing the doorbell and we were not aware since we didnt have the phones with us. Usually the Echo chimes in and shows a vide of the doorbell camera but not this time. Thats what trigger our investigation.

Doorbell V2: 4.51.9807
Echo Software Version: 30300724356

Both devices are running the latest version

Since I don’t have any personal experience with Echo Show devices, hopefully someone who does will chime (:wink:) in on this.

Wanted to clarify things a little…
I do have 4 Echo devices and it used to work on all of them. It stopped working across the board.

My issue: I do see the notifications enabled on the Echos and I can access the camera from the Echo devices. I just dont get the chime when someone rings the door bell nor do I get the pop up video to go along with it.

I just wanted to describe the issues a little bit more clearly…

Until sometime this week when ever someone would ring the doorbell the Echo show would ring as well and show a video of the doorbell. Thats not happening any more. I removed the device and re-installed it, I also unlink the Alexa app on the wyze app and re-linked it. I also removed the Alexa app from my phone and re-installed it. None of that worked. I also created a routine so that when someone rings the doorbell it rings and announces someone its at the door. That works when you test it via the Alexa app play routine button but DOESNT actually work when you press the doorbell button. Seems like the press button action is not being sent to Alexa at all. This is HUGE, we cant tell when someone its a the door anymore unless we have our phone with us. This has become a huge problem for us. Can you help please

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It seems like you’ve done a lot of troubleshooting on your end to narrow it down to that. The way you’re describing the issue, I wonder if the problem is with the Doorbell (i.e., something on Wyze’s side) sending the button press signal or with Alexa (i.e., something on Amazon’s side) receiving the button press signal to initiate your routine on any other Alexa actions.

What happens when you go to the Doorbell’s Settings screen and tap the Restart Camera and/or Reset Services buttons? Does that have any effect? If the root of the issue is that the Doorbell isn’t sending the right server messages the way it should, then I wonder if that’s related to the notifications issue described in another topic and if periodic restarts (as noted beginning in the post linked below) provide some remediation:

Have you opened a ticket with Wyze Support? I generally find their advice to be unhelpful (especially compared to the user-to-user support available here), but at least opening a ticket is a way to get an issue tracked in Wyze’s system, and having a ticket number can sometimes help a community volunteer escalate an issue when the resources of the Forum have been exhausted.

Since I don’t have any experience integrating Wyze with Alexa (and I also don’t use iOS or Echo Show, though I don’t think your phone is part of the problem), I wonder if any @Mavens could provide some useful input or tag in another Forum user with the right kind of experience.

I would definitely contact support. It sounds like Alexa isn’t receiving the API info for some reason. We probably need some people to put this on Wyze’s official support tracking radar.

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