Door Bell will not send notification when activated

I installed the doorbell a couple of days ago. The chime works and I can see the doorbell on my phone, Problem is when someone rings the bell I do not receive an instant or any notification to answer the device. If I look at the events its froze and gives a code 05 error. I saw where there was a notice to sign in and out of the app to resolve that issue, Since I am 150 miles from the doorbell will have to wait to see if that works, The not getting the notifications of someone at the door is a big issue

Welcome to the forums! What are your notification settings for the doorbell?

There all on including the one on the Home Screen. My other v3 cam works. There was a notice about a code 06 error for event recording which I received on a few events. Said solutions to sign out and back into app. Since I am not there it’s hard to tell if that fixed anything. Will have to wait till a bear or security stop by and try it.