Alexa Announcements not working with Video Doorbell

I’ve just installed my new video doorbell. It’s working except for Alexa announcements. It seems to be configured properly in the Alexa app but nothing happens. My Echo Show will play video from the doorbell…although its rotated 90 degrees, but that tells me Alexa has discovered the doorbell. The Wyze chime works fine. Any suggestions?

I’ll have to test, I know it worked at one point, I was using it for a awhile until I unplugged my echo.

Are notifications turned on?

Yes, I get notified on my phone but nothing from the echo.

Maybe they’re not supposed to? It seems it doesn’t register as a camera:

Just tested, announcements on my echo dot working.

Thanks for checking, My settings are very similar other than the “Doorbell Sound”. I currently have 3 announcement Devices. I’ll try just one device.

It seems no way to do person announcements though.

Often fedex doesnt ring the bell so a person detection announcement would remedy.

Did you get the announcements working? When I first installed my doorbell, before I upgraded the firmware, it worked great. After the firmware update (or at least coincidental), it stopped working for me.

No, Alexa announcements are still not working for me. I upgraded to the latest FW before I ever tried. Notifications to my phone are not reliable when the doorbell is pushed. They occasionally work, but not always. Notifications to my phone for motion seem to work but are very slow. Alexa announcements never work. I’ve had a ticket open with Wyze since February 12. So far no help.

Thanks for your response.

I had the same issue and fixed it. Each Alexa device has a Communications tab and mine was disabled. I enabled Communications then Announcements and drop-ins are enabled. I turned drop-ins off but left Announcements enabled. Success!

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This fixed my issue as well

My problem with Alexa announcements was resolved a couple months ago when a new version of the Wyze app was released. Glad its working for everybody.

Is anyone figured this out? I am still not able to get notifications on any of my Alexa devices.