Wyze DashCam

I want one too. I’m looking forward to this. I want to replace my old one. I hoped it’s out soon.


DREAMER! I would love for you to show us a camera that can do all of this, be discreet, and cheap! HA!
How about a cell phone that can cook dinner and do the dishes after???
Maybe they just make a basic “Uber” type dash cam first and go from there?

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Wyze AutoCam

Connects to Phone when on the road
Automatically connects to Home Wireless,
when the Cam senses Home Network.

Typical features that Auto Cams that are on the market.
Motion Detection
Crash Detection
etc etc

Day/Night ( quality of Cam V3)

Food for thought
If Wyze introduced this product
Would buy one immediately


Sold!!! Make it available now!!!

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Interesting rundown of current low and mid range models. Apparently they ALL stink, mostly because many share the same OEM. He tepidly recommends two models between $60 and $100 - it’s at 15:45 and goes by fast.

So it does seem there is an opportunity here, as long as it’s not another clone of these other ones.


I have a Rove R2 and it’s Ok for my everyday use but I still like this 6 year old cam, works great at night.

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YES !!!

Hey Wyze
How about a really good affordable vehicle Dashcam?

'Really good" and ‘affordable’ are mutually exclusive. :grin:

I saw a video on Dashcam Lessons (I think) where one of the submitters used a standard Wyze Cam as a dash cam. They probably have it hardwired so it doesn’t corrupt video when they turn the car off, but it kinda sorta works. If you can get its double-sided sticky pad to stick to your dashboard, why not go for it?

I have used Wyze cams for dash cams for several years. Originally a V2 and now a V3 as a forward facing camera. I also have a V2 pointed at the driver. They are both mounted to the windshield up by the rear view mirror. I have the round metal disk that comes with the cameras mounted to the windshield using the double sided tape that comes with the cameras. The cameras are magnetically attached to the disk. I drive a 4x4 pickup truck and I do drive off road, and have never had either camera come off the metal disk. The forward view camera is essentially behind the passengers side of the rear view mirror, so as the driver, I can hardly see it. The driver camera is on the drivers side sort of behind the rear view mirror. I have a single USB power cable that routes over the support for the mirror and for now just drops down from there and plugs into a cigarette lighter to USB power adapter. The lighter socket is an always on socket. One of these days I will route that better. The V3 plugs into the V2.
Earlier this year, a guy ran a red light and hit me, and the two cameras clearly showed that I had the green, and that when I got the green and before I started rolling, I clearly looked to the right (where the other guy came from). Details in this thread: Wyze dashcam to the rescue


It’s not an elegant or efficient solution, but it definitely works.

I think the only problem with using Wyze cams as a dashcam is power management. Either you cut the power and potentially corrupt a video file, or you leave it on 24/7 and drain your car battery.

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I leave mine on 24x7. The only time I had a battery issue is when I had Covid and went many days without driving.

I am curious, would a car dash cam that automatically connects to your wifi when you come home be something worth making? I mean…think about it…a dash cam that connects to your wifi and would then alert you via the app when there’s activity would be great in my opinion. Not only that, but you’d be able to set rules to turn on your lights to wake you up when there’s something going on in your car. Thoughts?


I use a v3 as a dash cam, it does (can do ) exactly what you describe


Would you mind posting the steps that you use from start to finish?


I also use a V2 and a V3 in my pickup truck. They connect to my WiFi at home when in range. There is nothing special to set up other than just normal camera setup. In my case the two cameras are powered from a cigarette lighter to quad USB adapter that is plugged into a always on power outlet. One of these days I will move that so it is being powered from the Aux battery (there for two way radios mostly) rather than the “normal” vehicle battery. the cameras have 64GB uSD cards that are set to continuous recording.


Just plug it into your cars usb port (or use an adapter) and mount it to your dash or windshield . I’m using one of the 3m magnetic stick on mounts that came with the cam. I plug the cam in before leaving home, waiting for it to connect before driving away. When i get home, i unplug it to prevent battery drain in my truck. If i need to access a recording, i plug it in and download the clip.

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