A little traffic

All 4 South Bound lanes closed for about 6 hours except for once in a while they let a few vehicles go by on the road shoulder before they closed the lanes completely. Double trailer semi and a pile of cars. :red_car: :red_car:

What dash cam do you have ?

That dash cam is a 6 year old DOD LS460W no longer available for sale, I also have a newer Rove R2-4K that I use in my other vehicle.

Y’all see that white Tesla on the left side of the video? If he sat in 6 hours of traffic/stop go or just stopped, he like lost 8-12 miles of range sitting in his A/C cooled car listening to streaming tunes all that time.

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Would you recommend it for beginners ?

I know nothing about dash cams and I would really like to get some set up in my cars ASAP

Watch this: or just go to the 15 min. mark for recommendations.