Wyze DashCam

What features are you looking for? Specifics will help the devs determine what’s important to the community and to potentially focus on.


A major competitor just came out with one. Not cheap if I recall, like $200.

I’d buy a Wyze dashcam for vehicles. 4 each front/rear dash cams to be specific, if it has the nightvisiion of the V3 cams

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Dash cam. Pretty please!!!

If you aren’t already working on it, please consider making one. All of the dashcams available are either crap, or expensive crap. Ring just dropped one. It’s a tad expensive, but since I know it’ll work reliably I’d be willing to pony up the cheddar AND it has the usually Ring features built in. But I’d much prefer a Wyze dash cam if there was one.

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  • Standby mode when car is off that has motion activated capture
  • GREAT night vision
  • Auto-save upon crash detection
  • 10MHz GPS or better (10MHz seems to be the best balance of cost and accuracy
  • Integration into Wyze mobile app
  • Cloud storage option for video
  • 4G option
  • Front and rear cameras with option for internal facing camera as well

You all don’t s’pose that the “new product” being launched tomorrow (1/17/23) is a dashcam, do you?

I can sure imagine the “teaser” images & messages that have been released so far, being for a dashcam. - it’s definitely a camera, that’s for sure.

…my luck, I’m probably wrong though.

It’s not. Home Depot already leaked it. It’s the Wyze Cam OG.

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Well since it has the built-up LED for spotlight it must be for outside

Camera for autos

Are there any plans to create a camera that we can use in our cars and trucks?


My desires for dashcam:

-SMALL. Or at least a minimal vertical profile. Width and depth are not as important. And yes, this includes the mount. Do not want need something hanging down from an over-sized suction cup.

-4k resolution.

-EASY hardwiring. Put the power connector pointing up so wires can be easily hidden. Or put two connectors facing different directions.

-screen - honestly do not need one if the app is GOOD to GREAT.

-EASY setup - again goes to app greatness

-EASY downloads of video/picture capture and such.

-Discrete. Would prefer nobody knows it is there.

  • I know this a huge stretch. Back facing camera that is rechargeable battery powered but talks to the front cam. The thought of running wires from hatch to body to fuse box and hiding them appropriately without breaking things is cringe worthy.

The Garmin is close but only 1080p which seems old-school already.


1080p is why I didn’t even consider the new Ring dash cam. Although I do like that shape and size.

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Ring is coming out with a Dash Cam. Does Wyze have an plans to make a dash cam? I would rather buy one from Wyze if they were going to make one.

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I think probably what will happen is Wyze will search for a vendor that they can buy in bulk from for El cheapo price and then resell it to the customers

I love it !

Make it sleek,
Not obtuse, day/ nite effective in color.

No one needs to see, ur cars, road camera.


I am surprised why there is no camera for our cars.
I would love to have wyze dash-cam from wyze.


Falling on the Wyze executives’ blind eyes, deaf ears, mited mouths.

Wyze just want to give us Chinese junks that we do not like.

What not develop a custom Dash Cam?

I am very surprised that you have not developed a dash cam for cars yet. What is keeping you back? All current dash cams from the cheapest to the most expensive suck. They have such low resolution that it is often impossible to capture the most important detail - that is reading the license plate of the car directly ahead of you. Please, lets get rolling on this!


How much resolution are you looking for?

There are a lot of 4K dashcams out there (I currently have one that is 4K and one that is 1080p), and I don’t think Wyze would make one higher than 4K, and maybe not even that high of resolution. 4K lenses are still fairly expensive and require compensating for it with other expensive parts. Wyze previously discussed in an AMA that they were taking so long to finally get to 2K because of the extra price and technical challenges that come with raising the resolution so high while keeping the price affordable.

To be clear, I want a Wyze Dashcam too, I am just curious how much resolution you want because one difficult thing to consider and balance out, is that the higher the resolution, the poorer the performance of the camera will be in low-light conditions (ie: at night) with increased dark artifacts. Though they typically work pretty well in the daytime if the FPS is high enough. That’s the main thing for me to have good dashcam video is whether it records frames fast enough to avoid motion blur and has a high enough FPS. In a lot of ways, those are more important than really high resolution in my experience (some 1080p dashcams take awesome video, and some 4K dashcams are still terrible video).

Wyze did do a survey about Dashcams sometime last year to see what their users wanted in a dashcam, so they were at least researching and considering them. I don’t know much more than that though. I think it would be great if they made both a basic, affordable Dashcam, and then also made a higher-end Pro model as well. That seems to be what they have been working toward doing with their other cameras recently, so it would be awesome if they followed the same pattern with dashcams.

Lets hope this is something they will consider during this 2023 “Year of the Camera.”