Wyze DashCam

Thank you for that excellent reply. Perhaps having higher resolution is not the answer. All anyone wants is that the video be clear enough to be able to read the licence plate. That is the only way it will be useful. If you look at the video footage from all other dash cams currently available, you will see this rarely happens. Perhaps it is due to the combination of poor lighting, lens, shaking of the car, frame rate, I don’t know but surely we have the technology to over come these obstacles. I think Wyze should give it a shot!

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Although there are certainly situations where reading the license plate would be useful, for many situations, it does not matter at all. Just over a year ago I was in a TC where the other vehicle ran the red light. My V3 clearly showed the traffic light status, and that was really all that was needed. I can tell you that my insurance guy was delighted when I told him that I had dashcam video that proved that I had the green light.


I am happy to see that others have already asked for a Wyze dash cam. I was hoping that one was already on the works. It would be a useful expansion on the line of products.


Absolutely!!! DashCam

Currently using an extremely overpriced BlackVue.
But I’ve also seen units 50-75% cheaper with excellent 4K quality and reliability.

Dash cam for our vehicles

How about making dash cams for our vehicles? A front facing with a wide angle view and a rear facing one with wide angle view or one camera that sees all around the vehicle.


I would definitely like to see a 4K dashcam!! And if it could tether off the phone to save videos to the cloud that would be awesome!!

I would never remember to swap the battery in and out. And I would want security cam features in case something happens while the car is parked. I currently have the Nexar cam which is wired but it has an internal battery so that it can record when something happens while the car is parked. Charges when you drive the car.


When I first posted about a dashcam I did search to see if the topic was already out there. However, I guess I searched for dash cam (two words) instead of dashcam and got -0- results so I posted. Afterwards, I see there is a bunch of people discussing dashcams by Wyze. Sorry everyone.


Get into front and rear dash cams for cars, suvs, and trucks! You already make awesome cameras and an app to see it all. Would be great if the cams were made in a way which you can attach them to your car to see the front and rear of it

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I’ve used a v2 for this purpose, with SD Card and power from the car. Camera worked fine without a network, but a network is necessary to access the recordings, Only worked while car was on though too (car kills accessory power while off).

Mine was a test run, but one could mount one or two of these in their car and hardwire them. I wouldn’t wire them to always be on because of the power draw. And one would still need a network to connect to them to view and save playback when necessary, but it’s not impossible.

But, for a few dollars more you can get actually dashcams that are better suited to the task.

Dash Cam in the near future?

Hi is there any possibility of making a Dash Cam in the near future? Thank You!

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Hell we have been waiting 2 + years

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I asked about this in the recent AMA and thought some of you would like an update:

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I’ve done testing of dashcams sold by both Red Tiger and Wolfbox (both in China). They actually work with the same companies and their features and playbacks are highly developed and have been tested for YEARS.

Carver, you know me, I have worked with you over the past 3 or 4 years, I have 20+ cameras and other Wyze products. The Wyze record of innovations and testing, however, speaks for itself. Perhaps if they join with the others and merely brand the products, but If they put out a buggy dash cam without all the bells and whistles that are already incorporated in affordable existing products, I can see trouble, not only with the dashcams but their reputation of their existing products.

I never expressed my thoughts about what I’ve tested, but there are already excellent products out there.


I here you…i bought 8 4K solar powered wifi cams ther from EufySecurity let me tell you…dam im so impressive on how clear it is and as well when you zoom…a big difference than wyze…i lovevthat there solar i deployed them and thats it andvwith the advanced AI…there so dam smart,i added 8 terabytes to my homebase i have so much storage…even there not cheap,but you dont need cam +… ok wyze needs to step up to the plate and quit makeing color camera’s…stick with white …the black camera’s are ok but if you have them in the sun 24-7 the inside will be 20-30% hotter inside than a white camera’s, so go build a 4K dash cam and a 4K with and with solar panel…thats what i think and my friends that have wyze cams as well

Yes, if they are going to do a Dashcam, they should make it a good one. It seems the founders mostly agree with what you said here too.

In the live Fireside on Discord with the Founders (same day as the AMA), this subject was brought up again. I uploaded a transcript of that event and the chats into Claude ai and asked it to summarize what was said about Dashcams in that Fireside event:

Exact quote from Dongsheng during the fireside:

Someone also suggested maybe having the Dashcam sync to the home WiFi when you come home, and Dongsheng said that could be a good idea.

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Whew, I was a little worried my comments wouldn’t be received well, but sounds like they’ve already researched and have the same opinions.

My favorite was the Wolfbox 900 rearview mirror. It’s all touchscreen, fits over your existing interior rear view mirror and you watch the live rear camera (or the front, or split front & rear). That takes a bit of getting used to. Their playback sync’s the front and rear videos so you watch both at the same time or one at a time if you prefer. it is feature rich with about 30 settings for controlling the cameras / time settings / video settings / etc. I still use mine to this day although I’ve never been in an accident or have seen a UFO that I wanted to playback, but at least it’s there just in case.

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Naw, don’t ever worry about that. You are a respectful guy with other users who always focusses on the issues. Wyze is very supportive of disagreements as long as they focus on ideas instead of attacking another user. From the Forum Guidelines:

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You do great with that. Don’t ever be concerned about disagreeing or having a different opinion because you do it respectfully with other users and have reasoned counter-arguments and that is very beneficial. Wyze very much supports that, especially in the way you do it. Such discourse is very appreciated. Don’t be too concerned about how it is received. As long as you aren’t being abusive or attacking a user (which you don’t do anyway), most people in here, including the mods and employees will have your back with being able to disagree and say what you think regardless of any of our own personal opinions. In fact, I prefer not to have a group-think echo chamber, so I encourage positive discourse like this. You’re doing just fine. :+1: It is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestion on the one you like. Now that I know not to hold out for Wyze Dashcam solutions, I am looking at getting other options. My 16yo recently got a car and we need another dashcam now. :slight_smile:

There is enough dashcam out there already?
That’s a lam answer just like there’s already enough door cams , light bulbs , ect
There is enough dashcams but non made by a trusted name and quality. And to state that users are using Wyze cam2 in there cars already is dangerous. I believe Wyze should come out with a great dashcam, just make it that much better than the rest.