Wyze dashcam to the rescue

I have had a Wyze V3 as a dashcam, and a V2 as a drivercam for a long time. Both are set to continuous recording.
Yesterday, I was involved in a traffic collision, and my dashcam proved that the other guy ran the red light. My insurance guy was delighted when I told him that I had dashcam video. Here is the quickie video. I will be creating a video with the dashcam and drivercam videos side by side, but have not had time for that yet.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video to properly display in Chrome browser.


Grumble, the video won’t play from my desktop on Chrome, but it does play on FireFox. I’ll see if I can fix that…


It’s common for uploaded Videos like this to not play in Chrome, but they will with Firefox, or people can download them (like I did to see this one). I’ll include a couple of screenshots:

That clearly shows he ran a red-light.

“WHOA $%^&! … …umm…[big breath]…crap…”


Loving the contrast between the emotional response and the more calm corrected response.


At least I did not utter something worse than that!


Dude, and the day before your birthday too!!! You aged an extra year yesterday (from the stress and near heart-attack) then have your birthday today and gain ANOTHER year a day later? Life just isn’t fair…

But, Happy birthday, glad you’re okay!


Yep, it was the day before my birthday - and it’s been a crappy last 5 weeks. Trying the video upload from Chrome on this desktop…

BTW as one of the guys here at work said, I’m now 29 years old with 34 years of experience.


Using chrome, I had to download also, both videos. Glad you are still around. I never go any place with out my regular dash camera turned on in any of the three vehicles I drive, especially my 67 GTO.


Like t #%^& iPhone??? :rofl:

Glad you are safe and Happy Birthday

:open_mouth: Now we just need petronella to climb into your ride so we can see that gem.

Petronella got her license suspended for DWS (Driving while sleeping). The Raccoons borrow it on Saturdays.


Wow, beautiful machine friend. Thanks for sharing.

Petronella wasn’t really sleeping, she was just playing Possum after the cop pulled her over :rofl:


That guy obviously ran the red light, but unfortunately the video also shows that you made a sloppy turn, crossing over into the middle lane instead of staying in the near lane.
Are those solar panels on your dashboard?

Vehicle code says that in this situation, I can pull into any of the lanes - confirmed with one of our traffic enforcement PD officers this afternoon (and the way it was when I got my license 45 years ago).

No, you are seeing speaker grills and defroster vents.


Your dashcam, recording without wifi service?

Interesting. In my state, we’re admonished not to turn wide, or cross lane markings. In rare cases, where there are two left-turn lanes, it’s OK to turn into the 2nd lane, but otherwise, no.


Of course. The Wyze cameras need to have internet access right after they power up in order to do much, but once they have been able to check in with the Wyze servers, they will record just fine to the uSD card. Under “normal” conditions, the cameras in the truck connect to my WiFi when the truck is at home, but once in a while I stick a cellular hot spot in the truck that the cameras can use while on the road (not currently powered up).

Right out of the California Driver’s Handbook:



Rules of the road differ by state.
I remember failing my Maryland written test after 2 decades of driving in Illinois cause I was using Illinois’ rules of the road and they are not the same, especially when it comes to the non-major things, like following distance and the like, luckily i was able to retake the same day…I quickly reviewed the Maryland rules of the road book and passed my retake

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Like the stupid states that rule you can only drive in the left lane of a highway that has two lanes going in the same direction on each side except for passing. I got stopped for that while driving in Missouri with no other cars on the road except the cop that pulled me over. I did see him coming up from behind and moved over to the right lane, so did he :astonished: I got him confused because my truck had California plates, I had a Iowa Driver’s License and I was living in Missouri temporarily. He was a nice cop though, he told me to stay out of the left lane unless passing and have a good afternoon.