Wyze app 3.0 & Cam v4 Firmware Beta Test 6/3/2024

Appears any scheduled home monitoring to Home / Away / Disarm fails.

Anybody else having an issue accessing the Friendly Faces section in the Account Tab?

I have accessed it at least 2-3 times on V3 and just double checked now. No issues accessing the friendly faces tab

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I am, but was told that VA now does not allow it.

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Again, I confirm that. It seems as if it gets slower with each day passing, as if the cache getting congested. I’ll see if clearing the cache will improve it.

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I had enabled hardware decoder in App Settings. If I disable this, then the Smart Focus begins to work again

Definitely a good catch I wasn’t aware of, but seems to affect my live favorites views. I’ll keep poking at it.

Add On/Off button for default live streaming cameras on the Wyze app home screen

This is related to the latest Wyze Android version (b489) arrived with a default active live streaming on all powered up cameras inside of the application home screen.
This design severally affects user experience and leaves a bad taste to share this application with friends.
Constant cameras screen refresh prevents smooth scrolling between cameras or navigating away from the home screen. Also, it takes considerable amount of cell phone data plan for no good reason and requires to buy a high priced cell phone with can process at least seven times ( in my case) increased bandwidth.
The Wyze application design could be done much better with an option on/off to choose in the application setting. Also, it duplicates already available Wyze Web Live
(Wyze Web Live).

[Mod Edit]: Your request was moved to the beta app announcement topic for better visibility to Wyze since it involves a beta work in progress that has yet to be released to production.

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Yes, friendly faces doesn’t work for me. On latest iOS 17.5.1 and app 3.0.0(7).

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Annoying bug that exists in prod Android app as well as the beta. I’ve encountered it several times throughout the last several months and it just humiliated me while sitting on this flight.

Situation: if you have Bluetooth earbuds connected/playing something and then invoke the Wyze app/ pull up a camera, it will interfere with the already-playing audio output and start playing all audio sources through your phone speaker AND the bluetooth devices at the same time.

On the old app this behavior only occured when I clicked onto a stream while listening to music. I learned pretty quickly to not pull up cameras when using Bluetooth buds because it would randomly blare music out of my phone speaker.

On the new app it starts the streams on app launch, which seems to exacerbate this issue. In my case just now, I had pulled up my cameras prior to boarding the flight to check them and then dismissed the app. a bit later I connected my BT buds and listened to several minutes of music. Sometime between me dismissing the app to the background and 30 minutes into the flight, my phone randomly started playing Spotify through both the BT buds and my phones speaker. Embarrassing.

This behavior does not occur with wired earbuds.

Should hopefully be an easy one for Wyze to reproduce. Android phone + Bluetooth earbuds + music, then open a video stream from the app.

Hello @K6CCC. This functionality change was reported to the team. However, I’m not sure what the verdict is. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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Me either

Thanks for submitting a log. Can you check again since @jh006 reported it being fixed?

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Have you submitted a ticket from inside of the app? If you have, please let me know what that ticket number is.

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Yes! I thought I was imagining things! I’m having so much trouble getting cameras to load the live view especially my three outdoor cams (V1).

I have seven cameras in one group and then the three outdoor cams are not grouped. Before upgrading to the beta app, I could see live view of all seven cameras in the group by just selecting the group and they would come up quickly.

Now, almost always, at least one or more of the cameras will hang and not load. I have to force-stop the app and then clear the cache in order to get everything to come up together at least once. But after that, it’s back to hanging again. Very frustrating!

This. It goes double for my outdoor cams which should not immediately go to a live view ever. They should only go to live view when I select them because battery life on these is precious. Give us a way to turn on the outdoor cam to view it and then to turn it back to standby status so we don’t have to exit the app and come back in to make that happen.

I have submitted Log ID 1437311 for the Friendly Faces issue.

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Same for me. I have submitted Log ID 1437311 for this Cam Plus advertisement when selecting the Person filter from the Events screen.
This is with having a cam plus unlimited subscription…

I have not. Now that I’m on the ground I can’t seem to reproduce it (in the new app).

It appears that I’m not alone in the weird Bluetooth issues. I found this thread describing similar weirdness:

Are you on Android ?